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Results of the Happiness Survey June 3, 2011

Back in March I crafted a survey to help understand what makes people happy and if technology can help us become happier. Volunteers completed the survey anonymously either online or on paper. There were two groups of respondents: a) middle class, age range of 20-40 y.o., who use technology for social purpose, not particularly religious, mainly employed, b) middle to upper class retired people, i.e. 50 y.o. and above, who are not too fond of technology vs. face-to-face meetings for social purpose, mainly non-religious, but with high priorities on ethics and humanism (representatives from Boston Ethical Society). Thank you to all participants!

The Happiness survey is phase One of The Ultimate Answer project, which is about:

  • ›What makes people happy?
  • ›How open are people to share their ideas about happiness and help each other?
  • ›Are there any “common denominators” of happiness?
  • ›Is it possible to measure happiness and how?
  • ›How can happiness be increased in the world?
  • ›Can technology leverage human potential to increase happiness and how?
  • ›What is the meaning of life and how to find it?

82 people answered the survey: 15 from Boston Ethical Society(BES) and 67 from non-BES.

Here are some highlights:

  • 99% knows what happiness is, but only 72% knows what the meaning of life is. Those 28% who have no clue really need to catch up on Monty Python…
  • People are more likely to give a piece of advice than to receive it.
  • 9 out of 10 said that happiness is not permanent, it changes over time.
  • Answers from BES (more ethical and older) group were different from non-BES respondents.
  • Meaning of life is different from personal happiness.

Please, feel free to check out the results of the survey for yourself Happiness Survey Results

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olpcMAP Sprint: Day Three December 30, 2010

Wednesday was a long day! I was told that Nick “fixed” search, whatever that means…They were brainstorming again about the look of the website and its functional structure… Carol volunteered to help beautify  West Coast dots on the map.  

Nick also tried to explain to me how he made mapping easy on XO and other things, which I didn’t get into details… What I do remember though from my conversation with him is geek’s fashion. He explained that it is not only about who is doing cooler stuff in technical terms, meaning:  “Oh yeah, you work with this, but did you try that or even think of this?” Etc… And surprise, surprise, the same applies to their geek gear! If those two dudes  discussed technical stuff and they realized they are equally cool because both work on equally cool stuff, but one wears plain T-shirt  but another one a T-shirt with digital images, then the one with digital images wins! I was in shock because I had no clue that all those seemingly expired (very often worn out, with no color or pattern recognition) T-shirts are competing against each other!

Also I didn’t think geeks care about this trivial stuff, but bigger things? But no, it turns out, those T-shirts have the most value if they have technical images/terms that support geek’s personal beliefs … Geek’s fashion was one of the biggest revelations of the Map Sprint so far… Thank you, Nick!

And then there was olpcMAP Trivia. What a great experience! All who participated won. This is my kind of game. It doesn’t really matter, that Nick and Benaja won super rare red XOs, and I got a Holiday game from Symantec, which is a customized gift for OLPC supporters. All trivia participants were acknowledged and that counts. Also, Adam had several presents to choose from, which is a great example of customizing incentives for volunteers. He offered sweets or games, and of course I picked the game, because I like them so much and they are very valuable to me, while sweets are not (as incentives).

Thank you, Adam, for making trivia so much fun and enjoyable.

I read Nancies post and I wonder if we need to post  similar trivia questions and answers on the map somewhere ? Since it is nowhere else? It would be great to have unknown facts about OLPC and volunteers on the website, so that people can get educated about the company in interactive way.

By the time my presentation started, there was an audience of about 12 people, and I was very happy to present, as I wanted to share the results of olpcMAP survey about volunteering and its meaning. See next post.

After the presentation we went to Cambridge Brewing Company, where I sat next to Ryan and learned a lot about his new non-profit

For more info check out Nancie’s Blog


olpcMAP Survey Results December 28, 2010

Thank you for suffering through all 10 questions! We heard feedback that it was hard, confusing and even not logical, but we are positive it was worth it, as we received great answers from you which will help with our initiative. 

There were almost no multiple choice questions as we wanted you to brainstorm, because we don’t need to know what we already know. So with open text answers you had to be creative and generate a lot of new solutions.

I summarizes results of the survey in a presentation to share them with you: overall public opinion on every question and highlights. Download olpcMAP Survey Results, read, share with others and let us know what you think.

The second presentation is different, it comes with thorough analysis of main themes, since questions were more psychological than logical… Some questions were asked for different reasons and that is why they might have been confusing. So you will see our subjective interpretation of your answers to modify our strategy.

What we wanted to know: 

A)     What volunteer needs do you have?

B)      What recognition do you want for your work?

C)      What questions can we use for trivia?

D)      How can we help you?

E)      If you were to design your own volunteer gig, what would it be?

F)      Do you need social identity?

G)     Do you need help deciding what you need?

H)     What do you want to know?

I)       How can we use your answers for strategic good?

Stay tuned for Final Analysis of olpcMAP Survey Results to be posted and presented tomorrow Wed, Dec 29!


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