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Announcement of Weekly olpc/sugar MAP JAM February 22, 2011

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From Adam Holt:

Every week you will learn completely new tricks about how to build local edutech community, during our global audio/chat calls, that you will be able to use the rest of your life. I want to give out a red XO every week to the local who most vividly/authentically communicates her/his on-the-ground accomplishment, experience, eye-opening trivia (or quite simply photography) onto , til they run out!  Or will they 😉

*VERY* preliminary schedule follows — dates and 4PM EST/EDT Sunday timing will both change if we can hopefully accommodate the “doer” country/group’s request:

    Feb 27 – Southern California Meets @ : How it All Comes Together
    Mch 6 – OLPC France: How to Build a Volunteer Network that LASTS
    Mch 13 – on Africa: Gabon, Cameroon, Mali, Senegal
    Mch 20 – eKindling / Philippines Island-Hopping Expansion?
    Mch 27 –  Kenya’s Extensive Community Deployment Fabric
    Apr 3 – OLPC Austria
    Apr 10 – Washington DC’s & Sugar Labs DC
    Apr 17 – OLPC Deutschland
    Apr 24 – Ghana: Princeton Engineers w/o Borders Build a Broad-based XO Library
    May 1 – Rural Uruguay: do the Rural Poor really want Internet?
    May 8 – Urban Montevideo: Are We There Yet?
    May 15 – Jamaica: Teacher Training Truisms (you think you know, but don’t)
    May 22 – Lifelong Learning in Haiti: How to Fight the Good Fight

Those who share the very most creative stories of grassroots/community accomplishment will receive a RED XO, as a month+ ago here, when so many similarly unknown talents were shared here:


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