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Caryl Bigenho Presentation on Sunday, Feb 20 February 19, 2011

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From Adam Holt:

In 2009 Caryl Bigenho took the pioneering initiative of building the 1st known /local/ (and lowercase ;)) olpcMAP, showcasing ~10 Sugar/XO projects — long before itself reached 500 volunteer/projects — crystallizing and catalyzing a community now made up of well over 100 Southern California volunteers:

*Thanks OLPC Southern California OSSIE (Open Source Software in Education!) *We’ve come a long way Babe!

Now, on Sunday 1PM PST (that’s 4PM EST) we’re coming together to reinforce Caryl’s extensive+amazing “glocal” mentoring of projects around her city, and around the globe.  Much of this work done silently around and not yet recognized by anyone at all!  And she’s not the only one.

So our “barn raising” will introducing new larger LA/Southern Calif edutech volunteers to the next level here — to each other — and to each others’ projects we’ll work together to showcase here:

In preparation for Feb 25-27’s quite huge SCALE / Southern CA Linux Expo:

     Sunday Feb 20, 1PM PST  (4PM EST) +1 866 213-2185    or    +1 609 454-9914
     Access Code: 1671650# Backchannel:

Sunday we’re all about to learn how far we’ve come, with OLPC/Sugar/edutech with along our favorite Hollwood iBoulevards &
iHighways — next week we’ll be hitting the longer road exploring a new city/region each week, so think hard about those Sugar/OLPC teachers/kids projects in your own town that have done phenomenal stuff, WHY YOUR CITY IS DIFFERENT, and most important the secret dad/sister/mentors behind the scenes who deserves their fair shake /quiet honor around our global community map at long last (lowercase+UPPERCASE ;))

Those who share the very most creative stories of grassroots/community accomplishment (whether told already in and or not, will receive a RED XO, as a month+
ago here, when so many similarly unknown talents were shared here:


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