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Blue Ocean Strategy for olpcMAP (Part Four) February 6, 2011

Reach beyond existing demand. Do not just focus on existing customers and drive for finer segmentation. Instead of focusing on customer differences, we need to build on powerful commonalities of what users value.  This allows to unlock a new mass of customers that didn’t exist before.  Think non-customers before customers, commonalities before differences, and desegmentation before pursuing finer segmentation. Three groups of non-customers: those who don’t like us, those who don’t know of us and those who are about to leave. Find what they all don’t like and fix it!

So what we did: we gathered feedback from customers and non-customers (i.e. volunteers and non-volunteers) to learn what we can help them with.  Their answers were:

– easily find volunteer opportunities on the website,

– if they inquire – to hear back quickly and

– be helped with finding flexible opportunities that match their availability plus

– get trained;

– then people want to meet in person, share ideas and each other’s stories to get inspired;

– they want to be treated as valued individuals 

– and have purpose to feel useful and appreciated.

Get the strategic sequence right.  So after we looked across paths to discover possible blue oceans, constructed a strategy canvas that clearly articulates our future strategy, and via survey learned how to aggregate the largest possible mass of buyers for our idea, the next step is to build a robust  model to create value for the users.

Sequence of buyer utility, price, cost and adoption. What is the value or compelling reason for users to use it? In short: what needs of customers do you satisfy compared to others or before?

The buyer utility map (customer productivity,  simplicity, convenience, risk, fun and image, environmental friendliness) vs. buyer experience cycle (purchase, delivery, use, supplements, maintenance, disposal)  – all 36 possible combinations to think through… From utility to pricing… Competition is almost eliminated when exceptional utility is introduced together  with great price…

Here we learned that we can offer convenience, simplicity and fun by helping our users to find each other easier and share their thoughts via olpcMAP, also resolve issues and questions.. by making help transparent and hence easy to answer as according to “six degrees of separation”, when you connect to bigger number of people, you have access to more problem-solvers … Also the importance of being part of the group of people who share your views and passion supersedes many other worries people have.

Now it is scary, it is disruptive as no one knows if it is successful or not… Here comes Adoption matter and the need of educating all: employees, business partners and general public that this new strategy will work…


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