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Haitian EduTech Dinner January 26, 2011

Community-organized Haitian EduTech Dinner was held at OLPC on Tuesday, Jan 25 at 5PM. Dinner was prepared by Haitian-American OLPC volunteer Alexandra Merceron.

Boston’s  joined  OLPC_Boston monthly community meeting to discuss EduTech plans (OLPC, Sugar,, etc.) emerging in Somerville Massachusetts, as well as the 400 OLPC laptops shipping to Haiti shortly. I joined the meeting at the very end, but I was present when Beth of Waveplace discussed eToy workshop plans for mentors to be organized both in Haiti and the US, and announced upcoming Mentor Workshop in St. John, US Virgin Islands May 23-June 3. Caroline Meeks offered partnership with Waveplace for training mentors.

Remote and In-person Participants from Haitian Diasporas:

Beth Santos, Waveplace Foundation

Franklin Dalembert, Haitian Coalition

Ryan Ansin, Every Person Has A Story

Chris Low, Matenwa Community Learning Center (group of Fayerweather teachers)

Benaja Antoine, Haiti Partners                                     

Gardy Mathieu, Entrepreneur near Cap-Haitien

Myriam Jeannis, UMass Dartmouth

Ryan remotely provided update Haiti in Transition—Watch Via EPHAS and revised Brochure EPHAS Brochure Proof_Rev3 regarding his trip beginning Sunday. “Every Person Has a Story” is exclusive documentarian for a couple thousand people moving from one of the American Refugee Committee’s main tent city.

“Hi all,

It was a real pleasure to see you all at the meeting.  Although my time with you there was very limited due a schedule conflict, I did enjoy being there.  I am impressed by the great work you are doing to help lift up my brother and sister Haitians.  We all share a common vision and have common denominator which is to help develop people’s potentiality to be productive by providing access to education, science and technology. 

Once again many thanks to you Adam, for coordinating this effort.  Bringing all these organizations together to network and share information is very important.

I would like to meet with those that are going to Haiti while I am there, we can probably visit some of the camps where the Haitian Coalition has been working. 

In solidarity, Franklin Dalembert”.

Thank you, Benaja, for this beautiful Haitian Painting!


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