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Jan 2011 olpcMAP updates January 13, 2011

From Nick Doiron:

* You can move your NEW markers before, during, and after you add them. This makes it much smoother when you’re first adding your e-mail and moving the marker.  But once you reload the page, those markers are stuck.

* If your Best Photo is on your computer, you can add it directly to !  Click the Upload button on the Photo page to reveal the file selector.  You’ll get a URL like which you can paste into the Best Photo prompt.

* I’m working on a system to move existing markers by an e-mailed link.  I want to do this right so you’re not spammed, and ordinary users don’t feel like markers are ‘loose’.

* “Shared @ olpcMAP” gets its own page.  Share the BEST links for people
with searches such as ‘eToys’, ‘constructivism’, or ‘Peru’.  For an example, search for ‘Mongolia’ now.  Ideally, you should find people, places, help articles, and blog posts connected to a search.  And if people have questions about the article and bias, there’ll be a “shared by __” contact. This is similar to the ‘laptop help’ and ‘tags’ requests we have received from many people.  Add a bunch of links now, before we add e-mail verification. You can now add helpful articles to search results. If you have a great go-to article or wiki page that you send to people to explain “this is what you can do with eToys”, “solar how-to”, “repairing
and repair centers”, or “news article about OLPC in Peru”, add those. Include your name so people can contact you through olpcMAP for additional information.

Also, if you run into trouble or must be anonymous, don’t let your research go to waste!  E-mail your best articles and we can post non-controversial links with a simple ‘shared by olpcMAP’.

* A friendly front page. Don’t worry Mark and Marina, I haven’t forgotten!
(Nick also introduced us to iuMap, which is a global map of social business and microcredit groups which has been online since July and uses‘s mapping system. See and Take a look at their interface and concept for ideas, as we are deciding how olpcMAP should work.)

From me and Adam:

First Russian OLPC deployment appeared on the map! This deployment is more than 3 years old and has a solid reputation among Russian OLPC/Sugar community, I knew nothing about! See their blog and articles if your Russian is strong.

Video-interviews. 7 video-interviews from SF OLPC Summit are posted to youtube by user verhovzeva. Thank you, Bill Stelzer!

Norway’s ARTE help is on its way:

Master’s students in Norway volunteered to work on olpcMAP tutorial in Scratch and we are looking forward to see what they create. Background for this Masters students group:

The research general goal is to increase knowledge about the interdisciplinary intersection between digital art and software technology. The research questions explore the interplay between artwork, technology, artist, and audience. Sub-goals are:
G1. Develop knowledge on the interdisciplinary nature of software production in which the software process interact with artistic process (i.e. the creation of heavily software-dependent artworks).
G2. Support artists who utilize software for the creation of their artwork with software technology.

They focus on technology such as Arduino, processing, and scratch, which enable broad audience to become makers of digital artistic expressions. ArTe researchers exploit well defined research methods, supported by qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis techniques, to design and execute valid research studies. The research is carried out at the Department of Computer and Information Science (IDI) at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim, Norway. IDI has a well established PhD program with 100 active PhD students.

Meanwhile… If anyone needs a topic for Scratch, Etoys, etc. project, please see  possible ideas here in comments.

From Nancie: olpcMAP treasure hunt! She found one OLPC video (that she loves) in Malaysia! What will you find or create?


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