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The nonprofit career coach January 10, 2011

I met with Mark McCurdy on Wednesday at his office on Franklin Street in Boston. Mark is a CEO of  The nonprofit career coach, and a career counselor at the Work Place, where we met when he was conducting Strategic volunteering workshop.

Mark is the one who sent me my first ever video email, which I liked a lot. He is a big fan of video fusion software and thinks that very soon the web will have more video answers in comparison to text. He also encouraged me to submit my workshop proposal for the Conference on Service and Volunteering in May 2011 in Framingham.

Mark told me about his on-going initiatives, including publishing books, creating series of interviews and radio talk show. I listened to one talk about social media and it was great. Check them out:

Another big goal for Mark is to unite non profits at least in Boston area and make volunteers meet in real-time and space by launching nonprofit networking and leadership events. Learn about leadership, develop your network, learn some new nonprofit career development strategies and impact a wonderful cause. Next event is on

Thursday, January 20, 2011
5:30 PM – 7:30 PM
The Work Place & JVS

Featuring AFC

Mark launched Impact Give Back program for 2011. Every month he will highlight a nonprofit and 50% of the proceeds from his book sales (Strategic Volunteering: 50 Ingredients to Transform Your Life and Career) will go to the nonprofit of the month. In January proceeds will help impact Adoption and Foster Care Mentoring, which will be the guest speaker  at the event on Jan 20. OLPC is invited to be the guest speaker either in Feb or March 2011.  Download full presentation of Erik Johannson Work (redirected from Mark’s B log).


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