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3 Ways to Stick to Your Goals January 5, 2011

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To help you stick to you New Years Resolutions, here’s an article from Chris and Kara Mohr of

It’s January 5th. Some are still “riding high” on the goals they set for 2011. Sadly, though, some have surely started to slip through fingers like quick sand! Already.

That’s why we’re here with 7 SUPER simple ways to see all your goals through to completion! ZERO Excuses for the best year EVER!

1. Find a Buddy. The magic is the accountability. When you go at it alone, you’ll struggle because it’s easy to give in to your own excuses — “I’m tired” or “I’m too busy” etc. Your friend/spouse/co worker/sibling — you’re all there to support one another.

2. Write Process Goals — AND Endpoint Goals. Daily. What’s a process goal? Process goals are how you’re going to achieve the endpoint. For me at one point my endpoint goal was to finish the Ironman on August 31, 2008. The process goals were the daily “tasks” I needed to do to achieve that.

I had a training partner and coach (fulfilled #1) and I wrote my goals daily.

I finished the race. Felt great. And it was one of the greatest accomplishments of my life. This is certainly not something to overlook. Unless you want to be working on the same things come 2012.

3. Keep Tempting Foods Out of Your House. This is seriously the most simple of them all. Yet the hardest at the same time. Why? Because there are lots of excuses as to why they’re there…for the kids, my husband/wife, company, they’re left over from Christmas…whatever the reason, it’s a bad one.

Your kids don’t need to have ice cream or whatever sweet treat lying around the house, just like you don’t. And if it’s there, it will be eaten. Trust us. Make a list for the grocery store, stick only to the perimeter, and you’ll ultimately achieve your goals.

Here’s to creating the Greatest Year of Your Life!


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