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olpcMAP Sprint: Day Four and Five January 1, 2011

On Thursday the team was creating landmarks (points) for both volunteers and schools/deployments, then beautifying  them, ie adding website links and photos. Different volunteers focused on different continents.  Special focus was on Kenya and Haiti. Mark Battley left, I mentioned to him that his pictures from SF OLPC Summit are on Mongolian website which surprised him

On Friday, I came around noon and again everyone was working hard on beautification, including  Carol and Sandra. I started adding video-interviews that Bill Stelzer made during SF Summit in October to the points.

Around 2PM we all got super hungry and followed Adam to show us where the food is. We tried his favorite Middle Eastern restau on wheels, which is a college truck selling very good inexpensive food. As we didn’t have a place to sit down (benches were covered with snow) and we couldn’t wait till we get back into the office to eat, we had to eat while standing there and then walking, which slowly became a walking eating tour of MIT. 

The highlight of the day was the visit to MIT Media Lab, that is where scientists contemplate and work on crazy things we don’t know about.  I always think of Kurt Vonnegut and his Cat’s cradle when think of MIT. 

Then we all got back to the office and had olpcMAP cake. The cake was decorated with special love by Charlotte from Watertown StarMarket, she likes the idea of OLPC for all children to use computers, communicate to each other and be friends. Thank you, Charlotte. The team liked the cake and especially smily faces, hearts and little xos!

Then we talked about geek’s dreams, which of course have something to do with video-games, time-traveling, guns and surprisingly Huckabee girl song…

Five people wrapped up the Map Sprint: Nick, Adam, Sandra, Benaja and myself. Benaja, who came all the way from Haiti,  is a brand new member of the support gang, and Adam had a plan to go and see Social Network with him. Mark Battley also joined the gang. Please, see pictures from the Map Sprint courtesy of Mark 

Nick Doiron wrote about our progress:

“Today was our last day of olpcMAP Sprint! We came up with two front page concepts at olpcMAP Sprint. Both would feature colorful pictures of XO users to welcome potential volunteers and existing schools to the map.  Send us a link to your photos!  Upload to or Flickr if they’re not online yet.

* The CrowdMap concept from Marina (the picture of the map would be a link to the interactive map, the How to Help image would help people with editing the map, plus more links on the bottom to help articles)

* The form-follows-function concept from Mark (info window would have links based on each type of user)

Our plan is to improve our beautification guide that can answer questions for a number of people:  Some good news from that guide – you can use link: to add links quickly, and we recommend to upload photos (until we have our own photo uploader).  Please add a point or more to your favorite region, and spread URLs such as

When we redesign the rest of the page, I think we should highlight the posts explaining what the map is all about! And then we’ll be seeing community maps like this:

Have a Happy New Year!”


One Response to “olpcMAP Sprint: Day Four and Five”

  1. Nancie Severs Says:

    This is a terrific blog post. Thank you for posting the photos and for all of the helpful links and explanations!! Happy New Year. Marina!! We all appreciate your dedication and hard work for OLPC and for the children worldwide! Nancie S.

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