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olpcMAP Sprint: Day Two December 29, 2010

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Hard-working troops were at the office – brainstorming about the purpose of the map, its look and feel and especially about home page. Too bad for Nick that he was the only geo-guy, so others were leaning toward social portal/media. Mark was promoting the look of Sparked, Nick mentioned Barack Obama’s website, others liked new olpc website look. By the end of the day the team created  a Google doc, which described possible categories of users of the map and what they would want to know,  with FAQs and customized scenarios (storytelling that Nick worked on earlier this month and I was very impresses with). I posted results of the survey on-line and came to the office at 6PM to catch last ten minutes of the film.

FILMMAKER PRESENTATION, Premier Documentary Screening: Internet technologies arrive in rural Peru – what are the challenges? Thanks to filmmaker Audubon Dougherty — presenting in person! Introduced by Digital Media educator/organizer Mark Battley, juxtaposing lessons from his Kenya Internet deployment. 17 people were present and then went for dinner to Chinese restaurant Royal East, and I sat next to Nick.

I discovered olpcMAP.crowdmap and admired its look, as it is like  a newspaper, map and  manual at the same time but more interactive and easy to use. I asked Nick if the homepage of the map can look like it, it has to have the image of the world map but it doesn’t have to be real working map, it just could be its image with a link to real map which would reside on another tab. Same story with FAQs.

Nick wanted FAQ not to be created by one authority but to be open source and social experience, so he said he can modify search not just for people and deployments but also related articles …  Adam calls it bookmarking… But then which ones would show up first: most relevant, most viewed or the latest? And who is going to post them and tag or suggest them?

Then we talked about tags, I asked if they were working on the map for search purposes. Tags are important, because that is how many people/deployments could be found besides their names and locations (like specialty, etc.) … Nick promised to think about the best way to allow people to tag themselves and be found through tags…  And that is what they worked on during the day and Benaja helped a lot. I wend home and started working on my second presentation for Wednesday…

For more info and pictures see Nancie’s Blog


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