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Map’s Scalability and More December 26, 2010

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From Adam Holt 3 weeks ago:

    * Shirish has pushed us to open/expand our API & service model, the draft of which I’ve tweeted here — thanks to Nick:
    * The urgency of scaling from 200 landmarks to 2000 is not yet solved!
    * Consequently we’ll be working intensely on a server/community architecture, tested+ready well before participants arrive Mon Dec 27:
    * RSVP’s *are* required as this event is becoming much more popular that planned 😉
    * I hope to announce more Dec 27-31 housing+evening entertainment in a more formal MAP SPRINT invitation to the world this coming weekend — hoping including Marina’s simplified survey?!
    * Nick will have more time (and be much closer to Boston!) after his Fri Dec 10 final exam.  I will visit him in NH mid-Dec and invite others too!
    * Shirish will have a prototype alternative backend to show us approximately Sun Dec 5!!


* ndoiron has joined Support Gang Channel
* digitalmind) has joined Support Gang Channel
<CanoeBerry> ndoiron & digitalmind: please consider subscribing to open-source geospatial list:
<CanoeBerry> conf call notes: ndoiron discussing his current Google-based free-as-in-beer architecture.., and ndoiron discussing other options..
<CanoeBerry> google fusion tables scales better?
<CanoeBerry> too new?or should we consider an actual server hosted at FSF etc, as offered by bernie?
<CanoeBerry> shirish: can we publish map’s data model / more scalable backend architecture ideas..
<CanoeBerry> ndoiron replied, yes we must document this..
<CanoeBerry> ndoiron: “we want this to be a quickly-changing community..”
<digitalmind> non-relational databases – another option
<CanoeBerry> digitalmind: what 2 example non-relational DBs did you just mention by phone?
<digitalmind> no-sql & mongodb or couch db
<digitalmind> is the map source synched periodically at google code?
<CanoeBerry> 3 week deadline.
<CanoeBerry> shirish requests data model
<CanoeBerry> ndoiron: can you add data model / API description (or diagrams if you prefer) to by Saturday?
<CanoeBerry> Mike Lee and Ben Sheldon will be thrilled, if we can expose a bit more here by this wkd sometime.
<digitalmind> Exposing data as api, and also application data set as widgets with filtered information
<CanoeBerry> ndoiron has a final exam on Dec 10!And reports due Dec 6.
<CanoeBerry> Shirish wants to expose to more interfaces?
<CanoeBerry> ndoiron how explaining how simple is to date
<CanoeBerry> what you see in marker is what you get
<CanoeBerry> Shirish advocating more extensible platform.Exposing data in more ways.
<CanoeBerry> ndoiron has made progress here… he has been working on API this morning, beyond just URL params for custom maps.
<CanoeBerry> eg. ID of map’s landmark for data retrieval, but not abusive privacy-busting driftnet fishing..
<CanoeBerry> kfx: welcome, thanks for joining the call
<CanoeBerry> ndoiron: we don’t have private data at this point..
<CanoeBerry> kfx suggests layering on another server-level app for more sensitive volunteer data like phone numbers, ie. actual social network
<CanoeBerry> digitalmind suggests googlevoice integration
* dirakx) has joined Support Gang Channel
<kfx> sorry I was so late, my shower wouldn’t turn off.
<digitalmind> Nick : If you can share the database schema, it will help to flesh out something quickly.
<ndoiron> I’m writing it on the wiki, I will send a link soon
<digitalmind> thanks a lot
<ndoiron> right now the JSON api is returning an additional, empty point after each list.  I’ll check into why I did that and try to eliminate that. I’ll also change what is returned when you create a marker
<ndoiron> ^ both of the above issues should be resolved now


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