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Blue Ocean Strategy for olpcMAP (Part Three) December 26, 2010

We had to set our priorities straight. Scalability was number one. Then we had to sort our ideas out. We have many of them, but what if we are creating cool unnecessary features that nobody will use? That is how we decided to create a Survey. By using certain logic we will not just know what users want to see on the map, but also learn about underlying motives for using the map.  We decided to send the survey to potential users, whom we divided in two groups, because they may have different needs (active volunteers and non-volunteers).  Then we decided to whom exactly and how to send the survey, how many questions and what questions exactly?

Where all content and storytelling is going? Where would people see references when they search for something? Should the map be floating or not? How can we incorporate games into the map? What do deployments really need? Lieutenants? Why people volunteer or not? How much engaged do they want to be? What do you see on the map? Etc. (Note: we sent the survey out on Fri, Dec 17 and collected results yesterday).

Then another big question was what do we need to focus on during our MAP Sprint? Potential areas:

  1. Security settings/validation, flagged content, updated content (less than 6 months – maybe brighter color), full name issue, creating document describing our privacy policy, Privacy issue, opt in/out – fix names (ask dots/people to correct their names and info)
  2. Beauty Contest – possibly to theme the event around a global MAP BEAUTY CONTEST where kids on every continents are *directly* encouraged to beautify their school.  What prize should we offer???  What imagery makes people’s IMAGINATIONS GO WILD, considering the event (in person and remote) mapmaking possibilities?   Like “Design contest for the developing world: save the rich world from itself”
  3. Beautify -work for individuals and deployments? Or regions? Creation of landmarks? List of must haves. Adding contact link. Adding clickable links to website info, videos??? (contact Bill, he has videos!) Adding tags/specialty focus. Adding interests/needs. Find good articles about them.
  4. Scalability, if not fixed earlier
  5. Blue Ocean Strategy – to announce results, so that participants and steering committee know what we really need and our competitive advantage
  6. User –friendly FAQ (by Nick) how to use it or manual to the map!
  7. Technical features (adding search by name, geo, tag, adding archive, search by archive, add when was last updated, different layers– see only volunteers or deployments)
  8. Storytelling (finding/writing description of deployments and best info about them, adding links/archive) Add sample work by students/schools?
  9. Promote the map during event and after (blogging, twitting, transcribing, video stream special moments), to have an open channel on suggestions for open issues and questions…for virtual participants
  10. GEO – Create a manual for any map or offline map activities to be uploaded and reviewed
  11. Authority levels -designate Admins, who resolve issues and have other responsibilities/goals
  12. Global OLPC trivia contest for both real and virtual participants of the Map Sprint

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