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Congratulations, eKindling Philippines! December 24, 2010

Even though this big launch took place on Dec 6, 2010, I want to post some pictures, links and congratulate the team that was working so hard for a long time to make it happen! Thank you for dreaming big and making difference in the world!

EKindling project in Philippines is

To all,

Sharing some photos from the formal launching

I personally like this pic

and the  media coverage

“We thought the best ideas happen in Manila. We thought things like these (the Education Kindling: OLPC program) only happen in a 1st class city where there are lots of money. To our great surprise, what we thought is only possible is already a reality in Lubang. I came here to see myself that it is true.” – Dep Ed Secretary Bro. Armin Luistro, FSC 7



2 Responses to “Congratulations, eKindling Philippines!”

  1. Brian Gerard Hart Says:

    We need something like this in Africa, anywhere it can be made to work, and then across the rest of Africa, ASAP.

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