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How others create social network December 21, 2010

I’ve been using for several years. I like its templates, ease of use and suggested topics for events. Recently I’ve been learning how to integrate other tools for social media like FB, Eventbrite, SurveyMonkey, Twitter, etc. I like that there are different ways of promoting/inviting people to the events. It’s always good to have options, especially for private friends. Evite’s templates make my events (roofdeck parties, book club meetings, Yankee Swap Parties, birthday events, fundraising events , housewarming parties, etc.) look professional, attractive and fun.

Several weeks ago, I saw a note on Evite website that they are looking for users to test new features, etc.  I thought if I participated I would be part of their focus groups, but from the letter below it looks like I’m joining their new loyalty program. That is how Evite is planning to engage members:

Evite        Congratulations and welcome to our Insider program! 

Hi there,

Thank you for your interest! You have been confirmed as an Evite Insider! The Insider program is simply the beginning of our new user rewards program, designed to highlight and reward our most passionate and dedicated users. We believe it’s these users who have, and will continue to play a vital role in making Evite so successful. While this program is designed to be a “thank you” to users, it will also allow us an opportunity to further engage our users in a manner which will ensure that we continue to bring you more of what you want, and less of what you don’t!

As an Insider, you will receive sneak peeks and have input into new products being developed and also exclusive entry into Insider only events and giveaways, and more!!!!

In addition, selected Insiders will appear monthly in our newsletter, and on the site as featured “Insiders of the month”. These select users will also winners receive a $25 Visa gift card, and an Evite goodie bag. Please note- Only your photo, first name, “member since” date, and Evite quote will appear.

At your earliest convenience, please provide the following information:

1)      Evite Quote- In a few sentences, tell us why how Evite makes you events better, cooler, easier to plan, etc.

2)      Photo of yourself- We want to feature you!!! Please send us your best party photo!! Monthly winners, as well as selected Insiders may appear as featured users in our newsletter and/or on the site!!!

3)      Contact Information- Mailing and phone contact information. (This information will not be shared in any way outside of Evite for any purpose)

Also, please keep in mind that this program is in its infancy, and will definitely expand in scope and benefits. However, once you’re in, you’re in!

Cassandra Martinez | Evite Community Support/User Relations
8800 Sunset Blvd | Los Angeles, CA 90069 – The Premier Event Planning Website


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