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Fraud in volunteer world December 12, 2010

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I received a comment from to one of my posts and would like to share it with you. Remember, that everyone would want to take your money and help you volunteer abroad, but be warned that some of the organizations are either fraud or simply bad for everyone involved. Always do research beforehand and check feedback from former volunteers. From another point of view, volunteers could be bad too or people may give negative feedback due to their own reasons. I received Peter McHendry’s answer to this post, see his comment as well. It is important to hear both sides of the story:

“If you are interested in visiting Africa on a Volunteer program, for heaven’s sake do not go any where near “Dr” Peter Mc Hendry or Global Adventures, Christian ski or any other companies run by “Dr” Peter McHendry – have a look at what he did to this poor chap!

Peter McHendry is a fraudster who has been deported from Zambia for breeching labour laws (not paying his poor village staff) and failing to register any sort of business interest in Zambia, he does not legally own any land there, only the President of Zambia can grant a lease in Zambia, most of his deceptions are based on owning things he quite clearly cannot and does not!

The Police in South Africa are looking for McHendry in regards to Insurance Fraud and conning investors into his failed Global Bio Diesel and Akula Trading 227 PTY Companies.

This man is very dangerous and is believed to have several personality disorders, such as Jerusalem syndrome, his wife and other girls have complained of violent behaviour and at nearly 60 “Dr” Peter McHendry has an unhealthy interest in young vulnerable women and strippers as the Lonely Planet article shows.

The Lonely Planet confirms that “Dr” Peter McHendry had not paid his staff for at least two months when the volunteers’ had paid over $2500 US each to live in a tent with no food!


He steals from poor African Villagers and may have molested several village children which is why a deportation order was issued by the Zambian government and why the South African Police are looking for him!

Do not give him any money it will not go on any sort of good, it will all be spent on young girls that “Dr” McHendry has no chance of sleeping with, you can see lots of them on his website which makes many, many, false claims all of which are badly spelt!

South African Police are looking for investors into a franchise scam run by Dr Peter McHendry in 2008 under the name “Global Bio Diesel” A company which does not exist!

Here is a list of investors who should contact COMMISSIONER KWEYAMA ON +2782556758 at Pinetown Police Station or Commercial Branch in Durban

DJW / Nelson Mbatha Invested R4,000,000.00 on 30/05/2008
Kitesh Cara Invested R160,000.00 on 04/06/2008
Mr Kwazi N Sithole Invested R800,000.00 on 19/09/2008

These funds were paid into Akula Trading 227 PTY and then spent on McHendrys mortgage arrears, court cases in respect of unpaid debts, which are still owed as Peter McHendry has lost every case against him, details below.,_Volume_511_(Part_2_of_2),_141/,_Volume_506,_B,_128/


3 Responses to “Fraud in volunteer world”

  1. Peter Mc Hendry Says:

    This note is a hate blog from Mr. Timothy Andrews and Douglas Blackwell of Bio Partner UK, due to the fact that I cancelled my business relationship with them because they were involved with drugs and other unsavoury activities.

    They also raised millions of US $ from the UK public apparently for our business plan to grow Bio Fuel Feed stock in Africa and they stole the majority of the funds and only transferred less than 10% of the funds raised for the farms. The Financial Services Board in the UK has shut them down and now they are trying to discredit my name in the Bio Fuel Industry.

    I have developed the best farming returns from Bio Fuel Feed Stock farming in the world and they are very jealous that I removed them from my business due to their drugs etc. What other spend $5 million to plant I spend 20% thereof and also get 1000 TIMES more plants.

    There is a warren of arrest against them in South Arica due to the destruction of property and drugs at my home in Kloof SA and this has been transferred to INTERPOL..

    Joe is a false name it is actually TIMOTHY ANDREWS with DOUGLAS BLACKWELL of BIO PARTNERS who have posted this nonsense, it is untrue and deformation.
    The other companies involved with these guys are ANGLO AFRICAN FARMS, ZAMBIA ALPHA ONE AND OTHER RELATED COMPANIES.

    I have not been deported from Zambia this is a lie.

    I have shareholders with the names mentioned and they are very happy with me and what we are doing.

    the information that Timothy Andrews has posted is wonderful proof that he broke into my office and stole this confidential information.

    Shoe is Andrews in disgusie.

    Ken Scott is the Homosexual which we were very concerned about getting involved with young boys in our community in Zambia and he is unhappy with his time with us as a result and is lying about what has happend with his time with us.

    He is repeating lies from Shoe = Andrews whom we have a warrant of arrest against and we have now transferred it to interpol.

    Now we will do the same with this guy Ken Scott who has spread lies without cjecking the truth and thus creating deformation against Peter Mc Hendry and Global Adventures.

    We do not want homosexuals who want sex with young boys in our communities so Scott you are now in trouble and we will do everything in our power to seek you and bring you to book for your lies.

  2. Joe Shoe Says:

    Peter McHendry HAS Been Deported from Zambia – this can be confirmed by contacting the sioma camp they will confirm that peter mchendry had a deportation order issued against him

    He fled zambia before it could be excecuted

    Peter McHendry has now feld South Africa and is believed to be attempting to opperate more scams in the USA.

    Various warrents for the arrest of McHendry exist in several countries, South Africa, Namibia, Zambia

    Everything McHendry writes has very little grounding in reality and he is on the run.

    All crime references date back to June of 2010 and any time wasting complaints by McHendry to police have been ignored

    All the bluster about Homosexuals and drug addicts is a smokescreen, McHendry took money by deception from all the people he slanders.

    McHendry is the cock Puppet of Satan!

    Do Not give him any “investment” – He will spend it on underage girls!

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