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olpcMap Sprint is officially announced! December 2, 2010

From Adam Holt:

So where are those almost 2 million OLPC Laptops? After 3 years, in dozens of countries, we challenge the world to put the story of OLPC accomplishment on the map. Photographically, telephonically, viscerally — the passionate doers of our community movement now have the chance to connect more intimately than ever before. No matter their deployment size, their age, their creed.

implementor gurus and connected social cartographers & implementors across our global community of One Laptop per Child ( and Sugar ( will fly to Boston Dec 27-31 — to physically map our geo-social fabric of small/medium/large deployments worldwide. In completely new and different ways — on and around CMU/Nick Doiron’s rapidly evolving deployment/adoption/volunteering map:

Just like a Book Sprint (writing an entire book within a week, like we’ll beautify, rigorize and publish this community product within 5 business days!

We’re looking for the very best talent globally to join us, to lay critical seeds Connecting-The-Dots of OLPC/Sugar/ICT4Education around learning, support and content knowledge. Globally uncovering accomplishments unspoken. Starting with one single student’s eye-opening social visualization — that’s already powerfully captured our popular imagination, since its alpha-launch in October 2010 at the OLPC San Francisco Community Summit.

Boston schedule, attendee-list, venue & volunteer-based housing details are below.


Mon Dec 27 11AM – 7PM Work session at OLPC: like a real book sprint, we’ll (re)finalize the “style guide” and “table of contents” (eg. who is cultivating each continent / ocean) enunciating Clear Tasks for all eager volunteers arriving Tuesday — depending on their skillsets — even where appropriate telephoning actual deployments and interviewing them on map. Cultivating photographic experiences, most important…
7PM – 9PM Boston exploration, led by volunteers like yourself (bring your toboggan & pray for snow!)
Tue Dec 28 11AM – 7PM Work session at OLPC – Share 3 Cups of Tea with OLPC Staff
7PM – 9PM TENTATIVE HEADLINERS: Peru film presentation thanks to filmmakers Audubon McKoewn and/or Mark Battley, presenting in person!
Wed Dec 29 11AM – 7PM Work session at OLPC – Cartography Focus, inviting Boston’s exceptional Open Source Geospatial Community to expand on new mapping ideas
7PM – 9PM Evening social event organized by Marina Zdobnova (Russia) & Benaja Antoine (Haiti), around the power of intl volunteer exchanges in general, as the 21st century rearranges the possibilities (and the limits) around what meaningful ecotourism/voluntourism CAN really be.
Thu Dec 30 11AM – 7PM Work til you drop, with free dinner of your choosing, for those who’ve mapped & beautified a major deployment or entire country/continent!
7PM – 9PM Skating on Frog Pond, for those new to Boston, especially if you miss our lunchtime skating earlier in the week!
Fri Dec 31
(National Years Eve!)
11AM – 7PM olpcMAP will be declared V1.0 at ***5PM*** and the MAP BEAUTY CONTEST WINNER ANNOUNCED. Skype Video call to the winner, no matter what country they’re in.
7PM – MIDNIGHT? Party thru the night!!!


  1. David Farning ( Executive Director, Wisconsin, Dec 27-31)
  2. Nick Doiron (Carnegie Mellon University, founder, Dec 27-31)
  3. Kurt Maier (OLPC Support Gang founding member, Indiana, Dec 27-31)
  4. Benaja Antoine (Haiti Partners Program Coordinator, Port-au-Prince, Dec 27-31)
  5. Adam Holt (OLPC Community Support Manager, Sugar Labs Oversight Board, Dec 27-31)
  6. Walter Bender (Sugar Labs Executive Director, partial attendance)
  7. Caroline Meeks ( Executive Director, partial attendance)
  8. Marina Zdobnova (management consultant, ChebVolunteer community organizer, Russia, evenings only)
  9. George Hunt (OLPC NYC, programmer of XoPhoto (blog, Dec 27-30)
  10. Jessica CurtisTwitterer (OLPC NYC, Dec 27-30)
  11. Claudia Urrea (OLPC learning coordinator for Latin America, partial attendance)
  12. SJ Klein (OLPC Director of Outreach, Dec 27-28 especially)
  13. Reuben Caron (OLPC global deployment support, partial attendance)
  14. Matthew Tarditi (Univ of Pennsylvania, Grad School of Education, Dec 27-29?)
  15. Paul Fox (OLPC hardware/software engineer, partial attendance)
  16. Chris Ball (OLPC software lead, partial attendance)

For more info got to and follow the map on Twitter!


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