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Blue Ocean Strategy for olpcMAP (Part One) November 25, 2010

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It was another meeting for olpcmappers, the day before Thanksgiving, at Grendel’s Den in Harvard Square. Adam was late as always, so was Nick, who had a better excuse as it was his first time ever driving or parking in Boston, which is always challenging. At last we all found each other and discussed the future of the map and desired features. Right now the map is still in the early stage of development.

The best part of the map is people, who empower the map. So if you are not there yet, please, create your dot on What is the map for?

1. Show OLPC/Sugar deployments and volunteers, including contact info, description, pictures and all content created (link to blog, website, etc.)

2. Find people and deployments

3. Offer or ask for help – specify what you need or what you are willing to help with

Three hours later we created a “to do” list and Adam came up with tentative layout of the Map Sprint event planned for the last week of December, when we implement new features.

Today I was trying to finish reading Blue Ocean Strategy book written by W. Chan Kim (from Boston Consulting Group) and Renee Mauborgne (INSEAD professor). I realized that we can apply the Blue Ocean Strategy to the map. Main idea is:

If you want to create a superior product/service in comparison to those of your competitors, who swim in the “red ocean”, you need to redefine market space and make competition irrelevant. The strategic profile with high blue ocean strategy potential has three complementary qualities: focus, divergence and a compelling tagline. There are 6 paths of finding your new strategy:

1. Look across alternative industries

2. Look across strategic groups within industries

3. Look across the chain of buyers

4. Look across complementary products and service offerings

5. Look across functional or emotional appeal to buyers

6. Look across time

If you look at the table attached, you will see that we completed only step number one, i.e. a) we analyzed how our map is different from other maps: we map people and XOs, and b) main change is to give power to contributors and make it even more interactive, so that perhaps people can speak about their experiences and laptops can show you what work has been done with them.  Now we are moving to the second column of the table and we need feedback from the field, meaning volunteers, employees and deployments – olpc/sugar contributors.

What do you want to see on the map?

Who should be able to use it?

What are the most important features the map has to have?

What do you want to use the map for – all desirable features?

Would you want to receive a newsletter or use archive of articles about olpc deployments and volunteers via olpcMAP?

Or any other comments…

Please, help us make the map more valuable, beautiful and user-friendly, send your comments and suggestions to

Join our public discussion list by writing to

Happy Thanksgiving!


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  1. Sameer Verma Says:

    “Adam was late as always…” I like it! 🙂

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