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OLPC/Sugar BBQ in Arlington, MA November 21, 2010

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About 15 people attended OLPC/Sugar Community BBQ  on Thursday, Nov 18, 2010 at Caroline’s brand new house in Arlington, MA. The reason for this gathering was to meet face-to-face and learn about what everyone is doing. I met great volunteers like Sandy, Sandra, Ben , Paul and others…

I gave them an update about the we are at the stage when we are adding people, ie creating their points on the map with pics and descriptions. Contact form is working well: You can email anyone on the map. Next steps – to add  videos of all volunteers interviewed at the OLPC Summit in SF. Ben suggested or  for those interested in fundraising to buy XOs for existing or future deployments.

Caroline showed us several new activities from Sugar on the stick and told us about  her new project an online game for unemployed people, which I suggested should include strategic volunteering points. Walter assessed my key lime pie and concluded that it is missing lime zest, but good overall!

Adam told us about his trip to Haiti, while making burgers and hotdogs, in spite of Caroline being terrified of BBQ in the back of her new mint house. The upcoming presentation by the Spanish students  about their vision for OLPC is on Sunday November 21, 4PM EST (Boston Time). Attached are the slidesOLPC presentation of their business consulting project.

From Bernie: Great Future-of-Sugar design discussion ongoing below! Feel free to join the conversation directly on mailing lists such as:

For all local OLPC/Sugar volunteers, feel free to subscribe to: (all things OLPC/Sugar/Boston) (SJ’s edutech quasimonthly reading group) (Acetarium, Sunday 9:30pm meetings @ Grendel’s etc)

For everyone else, please create your point on the (instructions are here and add others, who are missing! Follow updates on Twitter .

In anticipation of our Dec 27-31 MAP SPRINT at-or-nearby OLPC/1CC, those wanting to actively visualize global OLPC/Sugar deployments, should join here:


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