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OLPC SF Summit Feedback (Part Two) October 30, 2010

Thank you so much Sameer, and everyone from SFSU and the San Francisco area for being such great hosts to this conference.

I don’t suppose you expected this many people when you started, yet your event was highly scalable for the 100+ of us to meet each other and share a myriad of experiences.

Best of luck with your OLPC programs in Jamaica and worldwide”.

Nick Doiron

Pittsburgh, PA

“Loved the conference, the people (must be my crowd), the inspiration, the sense of accomplishment, the venue, the food in the concourse food court, stayed close by at my cousin’s, loved the party (despite collision with boulder!).  Food was really interesting, and we cleared the boulder from the road on the way back. 

Hope to see everybody soon, and even more OLPC folks as our effort gains momentum”.

Jessica Curtis

Staten Island, NY

I just got back home to Birmingham, Alabama.  Many thanks to all the organizers who made this happen.  Some of us spend so much time talking with folks online, we forget how truly valuable “meatspace” is.

And special thanks to Robert Howard and his lovely wife for hosting me”.

Anna Schoolfield

Birmingham, AL

I am Almost Home, waiting for a plane from Atlanta to Indy.  I had a fantastic time and I look forward to the wonderful things that will arise as a result of the great weekend courtesy of Sameer, Adam, the Kleiders.

Thanks, Sameer and everyone else for a fantastic event! It was great to see old faces and meet new ones. I am invigorated and inspired by all the good work you do!”


Christine Murakami

Columbus, OH

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