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Boston Volunteer Projects (Part One) October 1, 2010

The USA has a lot of great social programs for its residents and citizens. Run by NGOs, government agencies, and various non-profits, social programs thrive with help of volunteers. Boston is one of the most cosmopolitan and liberal cities in the U.S. and has hundreds of social programs run every year. Refugees and political asylums come to Boston from all over the world; their first goal is to learn English so they may get a job as soon as possible. Volunteers are needed to serve in the classrooms to help refugees with vocational English.

Help is also needed in working with low-income retired people who live their everyday life in the nursing home.

Refuge work

You will have access to an array of teaching tools, including computers for you to utilize on a one-on-one basis or in small or large groups. Your tasks may include teaching how to schedule an interview using the telephone, how to interview for a job, practicing customer service at the cash register or in a restaurant, or helping refugees search and apply for jobs online. 

Remember that it is very difficult for some refugees to assimilate to new culture without the knowledge of the English language. Their lack of the English language will not prevent refugees from getting jobs completely, but it definitely limits the kind of job they can get when they first arrive. Apply to volunteer at JVS.

Social Work with Elders

You will be working with elderly people in a low-income elderly residence where the oldest is 103 years old.   Some of the residents have no family, and it gets very lonely. Your responsibilities will be to entertain them, play games (bingo, word games, checkers, etc.), do arts and crafts, sing songs, make them feel less lonely, and perhaps have them share their life stories with you and vice versa. Find opportunities at the Little Sisters of the Poor.


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