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Volunteering and Fundraising in Social Media September 24, 2010

As I was pondering the best possible website to connect people to the volunteer projects and NGOs, I found several good ones that are ongoing or work in progress. First of all, I learned about and its Social Good Summit that took place in NYC this week. The article How the Web can be harnessed for Social Good tells about the power of crowd fundraising on-line via group pages or Facebook/Causes application. There are also numerous meet-ups with humanitarian/philanthropical agenda.

I was looking at the Idealist, that has been around for a long time and just announced its upcoming makeover. They are going to change their interface and become more people oriented. 

Ed Norton came up with his own social media platform called Crowdrise, where you get to create your own project and fundraise for it. When you do it well not only that you get points and prizes but your own title like Dr, Tsar or Sir/Madam. It is very interactive but it is focused more on fundraising than on volunteering.

Another fundraising site ProFounder is being launched by the founder of Kiva. ProFounder is basically “crowdfunding for your business” or non-profit.

My favorite so far is the idea presented by Facebook Co-Founder Chris Hughes during the Summit. Chris said he is working on creating social network specifically for connecting people to non-profit organizations. What I like about it is that he is building a FB application to allow people to  follow their favorite projects and support them in a way they feel comfortable: whether it is fundraising, word of mouth/Internet advertising or volunteering. Check this out Jumo.

And finally there is a way for all OLPC volunteers to meet, as there is another OLPC Volunteer Summit happening in October 22-24 in San Fran. Feel free to register at


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