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Guatemala Volunteer Project (Part One) September 13, 2010

Are you tired of sitting at your desk? Do you want to be outside and do something meaningful like building houses? If yes, then the following project is right for you.


Guatemala is a beautiful country, but among the poorest of the Americas with more than half of the population living in poverty. The income of many Guatemalans only allows for a day-to-day existence with just enough money for the basic necessities of life. Guatemala is prone to natural disasters like tropical storms that make life even harder for poor people who lose everything as a result of the flooding which causes a lot of damage and deaths.

For a large part of the population, health conditions are poor and living conditions are dreadful. You will have the opportunity to improve the life of a disadvantaged Guatemalan family through building of new homes.

Construction Work

You will build houses in groups of four to six. You need no special qualifications and the labor will be divided according to physical strength. Houses are built by paid local building workers and their assistants. The beneficiary family also helps build with at least one member of the family. Construction volunteers and the family members work with and under the direction of the masons.

For volunteers, the work consists of digging foundations, carrying materials including concrete block, sand and rocks, mixing concrete, and generally helping the masons in their tasks. It takes approximately two weeks to build a complete house. We encourage volunteers to work for a minimum of two weeks in order to be part of constructing a complete home. The construction sites vary considerably, dependent on rural or community settings and the general context of the family. Generally, construction volunteers are placed in the Antigua area. Volunteers of all ages are welcome.

This program is open year round. $400 fee is required for construction material. Accomodation and food are cheap and could be as low as $70 per week. If  interested, contact Stephan for details. Learn more about ConstruCasa.


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