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Cambodia Volunteer Project September 11, 2010


Cambodia is a country that has been in recovery from war.  The Khmer Rouge ruled for 4 years, but the consequences were horrifying: two million out of seven million people were killed. The majority of those who were killed were educators and the government staff.  In 1979 the opposition group of Khmer fled to Vietnam and got support from the Vietnamese troops. The opposition toppled the Khmer Rouge out of power and have been running the country since.

Most Cambodians are farmers and illiterate.  After the war, farmers found they could not support themselves on farms because the farm land is limited. Farmers cannot send their children to high school or technical college because they are poor and the schools are far away.  If children learn English, they can look for jobs in the cities, and decrease their dependency on their parents working the farms.  As a volunteer, you can help rural students to improve their lives by teaching them English.

Teaching English and XOs

The school of 300 children is located in a farm village not far from Siem Reap. It is the poorest village in the area.  Before the village school was built, children had to walk 5 km to the nearest school.  Volunteers are welcome to teach children English.  There are two shifts at school, so you will be teaching either in the morning or in the afternoon, preferably both. No teaching experience is necessary. Teaching basic vocabulary and conversational skills are most important. There are several OLPC computers at the school, no training is provided currently. Volunteers are needed year-round, they will need to pay for housing and food. If interested email Sarith at


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  1. Dakini_3 Says:

    Wonderful project! My sincere best wishes for your continued success!

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