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ChebVolunteer Hub September 6, 2010

I planned to create a website where anyone can find volunteer opportunities in the US and abroad. After three tough months dealing with several web designers/developers I realized that I can deliver my message through my blog, which will be completely free to everyone. There are many organizations that charge fees for giving contacts. My primary goal is to share my experience and tell about meaningful projects around the world. So please, forward this post to anyone who is interested in volunteer work, meet our advocates and tell your friends about Cheb.

Welcome to the volunteer hub of Cheb. Here you can find opportunities to improve yourself and the world through volunteering! Volunteer work is as diverse, engaging, and meaningful as you are! You can

  • Teach English
  • Care for Disabled
  • Build Houses
  • Preserve Wildlife
  • Help OLPC deployments

And  do much more such as research, foster and elderly care, NGO’s, medical work, or micro-finance. You can even be a hiking guide with a higher purpose!

Volunteering is flexible with projects lasting from one week to six months, using general skills or specific skills, with local language knowledge or not. All you need to do is to pick a volunteer project that you are passionate about, that speaks to your heart, and that reflects the difference you want to make. Once you are ready, reach out to the project leaders in local countries about your choice and they will place you where you will start your enduring journey.

So far I have contacts for volunteer projects in the following countries: Cambodia, Thailand, Peru, Bolivia, Vietnam, Albania, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and the USA.

I believe that volunteering should be safe, efficient, flexible, and fulfilling. All volunteer projects are verified, have affordable accommodation, and an easy application process, so that you can volunteer as soon as you are ready.

Stay tuned to learn about volunteer projects where you can contribute and learn how to improve yourself and the world through volunteer work!


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