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Meet Cheb and Advocates September 1, 2010

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Cheb, N/A,

Privet, I don’t know where exactly I’m from, but it is a tropical country with lush vegetation.

One day I squirmed into a box of oranges, only to be mistakenly shipped to Russia, and brought to a toy store.  I was so different from everyone else that no one was interested in me; I was neglected, living in a cage and very lonely. One day an alligator named Gene came to the store, saw me, and adopted me. We became best friends.

Being helped by Gene inspired me to give back to the community and do something good for others. Today I volunteer and promote the Olympic games in Russia, and you can see my picture on many billboards. I feel so happy and proud that I can be useful.  Many people in Russia are enthusiastic about the Olympiad because of my efforts to promote it.  Long Live Volunteerism!

Mathieu, 25

I am from Aix en Provence, France. Growing up, I was into music and I turned my passion into my profession.  I am a former actor, and today I’m a musician, sound engineer and sound designer.
Because of years of studying and working, I did not take time to travel, but this year I decided to take time off work and travel to Vietnam to volunteer and just explore a new country.
I was up for a big surprise! I was teaching English to children from low-income families in a day shelter. We played games, and I even had an opportunity to teach them how to play music on the OLPC computers! I had great time, made friends, and tried myself as a teacher, which was very fulfilling. I cannot wait to go and volunteer again!

Carrie, 37

Guten tag. I was born in Eastern Germany. Growing up there I didn’t feel free to do things I wanted to do and travel where I wanted to travel. After years of waiting for permission to move, my parents and I relocated to Western Germany where I was introduced to a different world. Since then I traveled a lot, and my favorite country is India. More than traveling I like to volunteer and help children who do no have the means and opportunities like I had in life. In India I worked with street kids, who have nothing but their thirst for life and hopes to survive. I went to University and finished my studies in social work. I like to be exposed to different cultures and people. I am a vagabond at heart. My next place to volunteer will be somewhere in South America!

Kris, 56

Hello! I live in Spokane, Washington. I have a daughter and a husband. I have been a teacher for many years, and now I’m retired and have more free time. I’m actively involved in several organizations as a volunteer to help refugees get settled in the States by tutoring them.  Every year I sponsor several students to get a high school and university education in Albania, Vietnam and Bangladesh. We write letters to each other, and it warms my heart to see them graduate and achieve new heights of success in their lives. I have many interests like sewing, baking and traveling abroad or locally. You can always find volunteering/coaching opportunities where you live because those opportunities are everywhere.


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