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You are so valuable! August 31, 2010

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Last year, I was browsing the web to look for a project to which I could contribute as a volunteer. I’ve always wanted to try volunteering, but I did not have the time or patience to go through the process. This time, however, I was seriously unhappy with my job, my personal life, and my inability to change things. I wanted to apply my talents where there was a need and where I could make a difference. I looked at many projects and chose one in Vietnam, as the country clearly needed help in many ways.

I took a three-months leave of absence from work and flew to Vietnam. My assignment was to teach girls in a shelter how to use OLPC computers and the Internet for two months. The XO, an OLPC computer, was new to me, so I had to learn it myself before teaching it to the girls. Things were not always easy due to the language barrier and living conditions, but I overcame the challenges and continued learning and teaching. While there, I met other volunteers who were working on other projects, and we exchanged our experiences and learned from each other. Some of the people I met became my dear friends. After I finished teaching 20 classes, all students passed the test and received teacher certificates. I could see they felt so proud of their achievement and the skills they had gained. I’m sure they will be able to use these skills to better their lives.

When I got back home, I was a happy person. Finally, I saw things clearly and made the right choices: I left my job, eliminated bad influences in my life, and started a new chapter. I decided to share my experience with other people, tell them how many great opportunities are around us, and how there is always a place for everyone under the sun!

Your experiences stay with you forever, and when you help others, you leave part of yourself with them, which stays forever in their hearts.  It feels good to give and the more you give, the more you get in return. With Cheb’s help, I want to promote volunteer work and volunteer opportunities in developed and developing countries. We live in a global world, and unfortunately need is not picky: it is everywhere. Volunteering is not easy, but very fulfilling. As long as you want to help, there is always someone out there to receive it.


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