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Vietnam OLPC Meeting in Hanoi June 13, 2010

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You never know how you may impact other people with your action and writing. As Nancie said, it is always nice to know that whatever you started is growing, even when you are away.

As mentioned earlier, Serge Stinckwich organized Vietnam OLPC meeting in Hanoi on June 5. Her wrote:

“Hi all, we were around 15 people for the 1st meeting of OLPC Vietnam developers.I put some pictures of the event here:
I made a short presentation of the OLPC project and a report of my visit to the Vung Vieng village. My slides (report of the VV village visit) are available here:
The conclusions of my visit are as following:
– every XOs are working and are used everyday by kids. They really enjoyed it.
– XOs are not part of a curriculum. This is more a leisure activity at the moment.
– there is a problem with the local teachers: they only stay one year in the village. We need to train them every year. Teachers need to be more involved in the use of XOs in the classroom.
– Only a limited set of activities seems to be used by the children.There is not enough Vietnamese activities
– XOs need to be update to newer versions of Sugar (0.82.1 => 0.88). We need to select specific activities (with good vn translation) and write some pedagogical documentation.
We also made some demos of the Sugar environment (on Linux & XOs). Some students present at the meeting are particularly interested in developing Sugar applications.
One of the conclusions of this meeting is that we need to grow the user & developer Sugar community in order to have more Vietnamese content. This will be one our top priorities of the next months.”


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