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The Letters May 31, 2010

> Hi Kevin,

> thank you so much for all your help and comments to my blog saigonolpc.

I have enjoyed contributing to OLPC and being a part of the Free Software
community, its natural to help other users. I enjoyed reading about the far-off
places and seeing the images of the locales and the happy kids.

> I noticed you live in Brooklyn, NY. What kind of work do you do there?

nothing to speak of.

> Ryan from the Philippines is organizing  a meet-up for OLPC interested folks
> sometime in June in NYC. Will you attend??

I am on the OLPC support gang list and I think I saw something mentioned. I
went to a meeting of OLPC NYC. I would be interesting in attending.

>I would like to meet you in person, but i live in Boston and do not visit NYC
>that often.  What are you working on right now in terms of Open Source
>software projects?  Marina.

I have been involved in OLPC, first as an observer, then as a G1G1 supporter,
and now a support gang volunteer. I have been a Free Software supporter for a
long time and was interested in the combination of (mostly) free hardware and


The next day I received a letter from Hoang, my student from Saigon. After you read it you will understand what I mean about Vietnamese language not properly installed on the XO, the letter was translated from Vietnamese to English via Google translate:

Hello MarinaMarina has khong.Cong breeze of the Marina on chu.O taught us very well and I look forward grapes Marina nhieu.Chung day Marina will have to visit us

I sent a response in English and broken Vietnamese (thanks to Google translate):
Dear Hoang,
I am happy to receive  a letter from you. Unfortunately, my red computer was stolen and I lost all my pictures from Vietnam and all pictures with you. If you still have some pictures, please send them to me.
I am working right now on starting  a company that will send more teachers to Vietnam and other countries. And I hope I can come and visit you again!
Love you all,

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