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First Steps May 3, 2010

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The first thing I did was to speak to a really good web designer/entrepreneur. Mark and I met at Diesel Cafe and spent more than 3 hours discussing good vs. bad web solutions and innovative web ideas. Mark created great websites, including I volunteered last year for the Bay State Bike Week, more about this year's event at On Tuesday I attended the Box Night for our "Seven Word Memoirs" Approval Procedure. My favorite memoir from that night was - Real freedom: relinquish those who got away.

I attended another training at BostonCares and became a project leader. You may not know about it, but there are hundreds of great projects awaiting to be picked up by project leaders in Boston area. Projects vary from educational to cultural to environmental. Do you want to see a play and be an usher for one night? It is easy to do. Do you want to conduct Teddy Bear check-ups at the Stone Zoo and participate in a bear parade? Easy. Or to be a leader for the corporate volunteer day on May 15? Opportunities are plenty. Our training instructor said that her goal is to involve  every person in Boston into volunteering or giving back to the community. I admire her determination.

My roommate gave me a great book related to my current activity "Inbound marketing". Finally I received good news from OLPC about an upcoming workshop "OLPC Realness Summit". The goal of the event is to share about how real OLPC deployments should be done. The summit will happen on St. John May 28-31. I happened to be in Harvard Square on Sunday and enjoyed street painting :)


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