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Mike Dawson: Part Two April 17, 2010

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Polyachka: I don’t know if it ever happens in Vietnam

Mike : Does Vietnam have a normal paper based curriculum?

Polyachka: it must

Mike : that’s what you need to take as the starting point

Polyachka: unfortunately, that was not my priority here

Mike : I’m hoping our content development system will do to the cost of content development what the XO did to the price of hardware

Polyachka: and I’m leaving the country in 2 weeks

Polyachka: I was trying everything on a small scale

Mike : That’s the only way really….

Polyachka: but what do you mean about the cost of content?

Mike : Well there’s a cost to making digital educational content in terms of man hours / skills

Mike : the more hours and the more highly skilled the more it will likely cost

Mike : if you can make it easier and faster you can use cheaper people and less of them

Polyachka: don’t they just use unpaid volunteers?

Polyachka: to do all that?

Mike : Unfortunately it’s one of the last thoughts in pretty much every deployment except for us and Nepal from what I can see

Mike : (content)

Polyachka: Sugar is free and open source

Mike : Sugar is indeed free and open source… but it’s not curriculum content

Mike : it’s an OS

Polyachka: agree

Mike : Actually why don’t I spare 20 mins now and grab my headset?

Polyachka: But how do people involve UN in paying for it?

Mike : The UN are my competition – they pay people too much

Polyachka: ok

Mike : one moment…

Mike : we have a briefing note we prepared for

Mike: …educational challenges we have in Afghanistan are similar across developing countries: 1) Too many kids in the class, not enough teachers, 2) because of the lack of teacher time the children are not given the feedback they need, 3) Need for libraries, resources, independent studies, etc.


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