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Mike Dawson: Part One April 17, 2010

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Right before I left Vietnam, I had a chance to speak to Mike Dawson about his Afghanistan OLPC deployment and more. Here it goes:

Mike : sorry at the moment I am busy on some programming work and gotta finish off quite a bit before tomorrow morning….

Mike : would anytime that you are in Hanoi work?

Polyachka: ok, so I’ll try to contact you before then if I’m back to Hanoi

Mike : But on the plus side by then our new content development plugins will be out

Mike : I’m making a point and click educational game creators based on exelearning

Polyachka: which plug-ins?

Mike : check out if you haven’t already

Mike : I’m making Hangman (guess the letter game), Place the object game, find the place on a map game, speed falling object (e.g. tuxmath), wordsearch, crossword, sequencing game …

Polyachka: nice

Polyachka: btw, do you have a big team there working with you?

Polyachka: how many people?

Mike : relatively… 15 people

Polyachka: who work on XO/Sugar stuff?

Polyachka: all paid?

Mike : Unfortunately only one software developer (me)

Mike : XO/Sugar stuff – also me

Polyachka: the what else do they do?

Mike : Yes all paid – although a fraction of what some international organisation will pay them

Mike : teacher training

Polyachka: pay for what?

Mike : curriculum content development

Mike : They will pay someone who knows MS Access $4,500/month

Mike : Local staff

Polyachka: that’s great – curriculum…

Polyachka: I’m jealous 😉

Mike : $4,500 is a massive amount of cash here per month… 

Polyachka: no, I’m saying I’m jealous about the curriculum content stuff creation

Mike : ah I understand


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