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Class Nineteen: Last Class Before The Exam March 27, 2010

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Minh came to translate today. When we entered the classroom, the girls were working on their XOs: two were copying down words from their favorite songs from the Internet and others were either checking their mail box’s or playing games. The first thing I wanted to accomplish today was to test Vietnam XO/Sugar User Group. I sent an invitation to all the girls to become my friends on FB.

Earlier that day I received an email from Elsa saying that it will take time to get parental consent to create the boy’s Facebook profiles. I looked at the portal  link Elsa sent and decided to try both to see which one is better.

Two girls were resetting passwords. Huong created long secure password and immediately forgot it, so we had to reset it again… Then I asked them to become members of the XO group, but they couldn’t do it due to the limitations of They do not get the full version of FB in Vietnam. Oops. I guess, we’ll use Vietnam-Needham portal created by Elsa then…

I decided to let them write letters to the boys to tell about their favorite book, song, singer, movie, etc. I learned that Truc is reading Harry Potter now, Bi’s favorite musical is High School, several of them wanted to visit Japan, they all like music. Hanh was asking what profession boys want to have when they grow up? 🙂

They asked me what kind of questions will be on the exam? I told them general categories and announced that the exam will be at 9AM tomorrow. We confirmed that all 6 girls will be present for the exam and the celebration.

Thao asked me what if they don’t pass the exam? I said that they will not get the certificates…

Meanwhile I was thinking about things to do and areas for improvement:

1. Translating manuals and to Vietnamese. I wrote to Clytie about it… and she forwarded my request to the Vietnamese Localization team…

2. The girls still can’t really type in Vietnamese as not all symbols are working and displaying correctly… (see several comment to  Class Nine post)

3. We didn’t have time to try E-toys and to install music player

4. Future projects: learn English on-line, Blog creation, Cooking classes on-line, register at Scratch website, create a page on about their shelter, make a story about professions, find job websites

As we were driving back to the Peace house after the class I decided to do something nice for all the local volunteers who helped me in the last several months with translation, so I thought of a roof deck party on Sunday, the night before I leave Saigon for Hanoi. So I Invited Minh and other local volunteers to come to the Peace House as I’ll be making Russian salad for all of them to try.


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