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Preparation March 26, 2010

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The amount of work to be done today is enormous… I had to find or create and print out Teacher Certificates for the girls. It was very important as I promised it to them from the beginning. Having credentials would empower them as individuals. The next thing was to get the teachers’ approval to invite the journalist to the exam and to have a celebration probably on Thursday evening. What kind of celebration? I need to think of something special: ice cream outing or movies? …   I also need to create exam questions… And choose and invite the judges… Where do I start???

I e-mailed Nancie asking if she could forward to me the template of the Teacher Certificates, she gave out to the teachers in Hanoi. Fortunately, Nancie responded immediately, referring me to her assistant in Hanoi, named Nguyet, who emailed me the templates right away. Even though I don’t have Corel program on my computer, I went to the printing shop nearby and made them customize the template for Saigon and print out 6 certificates , as I knew exact names and birth dates of the girls. Everything was done in 2 hours and for $3. The certificates looked very cute and were bilingual – English and Vietnamese with a cute green XO in the center.

Next step, I contacted Andy and asked him to ask his friend who works for the Saigon Times if she is available to come to the exam on Thursday. She said she could do it in the morning at 9AM, which was perfect as we would have free time in the evening on Thursday to celebrate. Andy rode his bike to the shelter to ask whether 9AM was good and all the girls would be present, then if  the journalist was allowed to come, and lastly, if I could  take the girls out to the movies. He came back and said that celebration is OK, but it would be unfair if I only take 6 girls to the movies, the others will be sad.  Then I decided I would take all the girls to the movies. I thought it would be great to see the new Alice in Wonderland in 3D. We clarified how many girls would be around at 6PM, and were told ten. Perfect. I would need to buy the tickets on-line in advance as they sell out quickly.

I invited Mathieu (France), Andy (UK) and Sam (USA), who will be teaching English to the girls after I leave. Mathieu coudn’t come, but Andy and Sam agreed to “work” as judges during the exam. All I wanted is their presence to make the exam look more official.

Then I had to create the exam questions. I planned to showcase their skills with XOs and do it in one hour. So about midnight I created 6 questions (see next post) . Lastly, I was searching online for the nearest movie theater to buy tickets on-line. It turned out that you can’t in Vietnam, you have to go to the movie theater in advance to buy them. I would do it tomorrow morning after the exam.


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