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Class Seventeen: Glass is Half Full March 24, 2010

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Three girls ran up to  me and gave me hugs. I told them about the exam with several judges to attend. They were curious who  the judges would be. I kept it a secret. Also we will have a celebration on Friday. Thao almost burst into tears as she is going away to stay with her extended family for the weekend, so she is going to miss the celebration. Maybe we’ll celebrate on Thursday after the exam?

Then I saw Hung, who was skipping classes lately. She came in to get some books and was about to leave the  room. I asked her if she wanted to attend the class, she could use my computer (red Dell laptop) or share a computer with one of the girls, because we have only 5XOs for 6 girls. She looked lost and left the room. I din’t want to force anyone to study so I let her go… Two minutes later she came back and sat down at the table with us. I was so happy…

I wrote on the board “”. They tried to translate words and sentences from English into Vietnamese. And here came the surprise. I showed them print out of the letters in English from the boys in Boston. They were very curious. Beforehand I sent each girl one of the boys’ letters by email. They enthusiastically copied the text into the box of translate google and translate all letter into Vietnamese.   

Then I showed them the Vietnamese ebook site, and asked them to download one book from it. They had difficulties as the books  were either zipped or in some other formats different from pdf. I sent one ebook to them by email and asked to open it.

lNext, they finally read Clytie’s email and sent her one question either about computers or Australia.  The lesson went way past 9PM and everyone was still doing something on-line. I could tell they were hungry for more to do on the Internet…

At the end I gave every girl a sea shell key chain from Phu Quoc island, where I was the week before. I told them to get it close to their ear and listen to the sea breeze inside the shells.

We had no time for creating Facebook accounts, but I took girls’ full names and birth dates. I am going to create FB profiles on their behalf tomorrow.

In the evening I found out that there is a volunteer who knows all about setting up secured wireless connections. She did it for the Peace House  2.  She agreed to go with me to the shelter on Tuesday to help secure wi-fi there. Another one volunteered to go with us to help me talk to the head teacher and translate  as she speaks good Vietnamese. We want to find out what is the main problem for the teachers if the girls want to browse the Internet daily?


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