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Class Sixteen: Happened! March 22, 2010

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On Tuesday I called the Peace House and was told that no one can go to the shelter that evening. I couldn’t get mad at anyone because it was my teaching project and local volunteers have no motivation to go to the class especially if there is no one to teach it. I thought about asking a foreign volunteer to substitute me, but no one knew anything about XOs, except for Mathieu, who was  busy. I think that volunteers get intimidated, that they don’t know enough to consult the girls, or just not interested in going if there is no foreigner, who does all the teaching, or some other reason… this is the nature of volunteering – you do it voluntarily…

I received an email from Clytie regarding my post Long Live the Internet: 

“Regarding point 3, I wrote to the OLPC Help team and the OLPC Localization list and suggested we need a specific mechanism for non-English help requests. Machine translation is not always effective.

Please tell your students that if they get stuck, and aren’t getting a response when asking for help in Vietnamese, they are welcome to email me and I’ll advocate/translate for them. They can also ask for help on a Vietnamese Linux mailing list like this (just choose “Vietnamese” in the drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner of the page). We have a growing free-software community which can offer a great deal of support to new users and experienced users alike. (I’ll also send you a personal email which you can show to your students as an introduction from me.) I hope this helps. We don’t have a great many support resources in Vietnamese yet, so we need to make the best use of the ones we have.”

So no one went to the shelter on Tuesday, no one went on Wednesday as well, even though I asked. Finally Mathieu agreed to go help with the assignment, but first I had to explain to him how to do what the girls had to do…

I wrote another email to the girls telling them to read the letter from Clytie (in Vietnamese) and teach other girls several activities (to practise their teaching abilities).

Clytie wrote:

“Below, I introduce myself to your students and their teachers. Hopefully, that will help them feel more confident to ask for help. I’ve given them the info about the LUG mailing list, and some background on my family and I, especially my younger daughter, who is not too much older than they are. I’ve included some links they might find interesting (mostly pics). Please feel free to check them out. In order, they are: the Vietnamese Linux mailing list, a photo of my younger daughter a few years back, her photos, drawings, the region where I live, photos of it, the live weather page for this town :)”

It was Thursday evening, 9PM when I received three emails from the girls with attachments, which were supposed to be videos. However, I couldn’t play either one as they had XML format? Isn’t it Excel? The name of one file was tmpDJ0i2b. What did Mathieu and the girls send to me???


2 Responses to “Class Sixteen: Happened!”

  1. Nick Doiron Says:

    They may have attached the Record activity instance (an XML list of which photos and videos were taken) and not the video itself. Have them select “Video by ___” and not “Record Activity” for the attachment.

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