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Class Fifteen: First Lesson On-line..? March 22, 2010

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As I was away from Saigon, I decided to test the girls’ readiness to study when the teacher is not present. Now they know how to use the Internet, so I planned to have our classes on-line this week. I really want them to break away from their dependency on the teacher. I arranged for the local volunteers to come and help the girls with assignments I would send out daily. For our first on-line class on Monday, I wrote a letter to the girls (and copied VPV and the local volunteer Yen) and attached a video of me with greetings. I also attached one new digital book to upload to the XOs.
Here is my letter:
Dear _____,
I will be in the Mekong Delta this week, but next week we will have the exam. So I would like you to prepare this week and send me your work.
Please, make sure you have enough memory in your computer to open the files, they will need 500KB of free memory. Yen will help you.
1. Please, download the video from me (ogv file)
2. Create your small video and send to me.
3. Download the book I attached in this email (pdf file) and tell me if you like it.
I miss you.
Teacher 🙂
Sometimes things do not go according to the plan and often it is hard to prepare for that in advance.  Besides writing several emails, I called Ken and Andy (VPV) that day to double-check they oversee smooth teaching for the girls in the evening. They told me that Yen couldn’t come to the shelter on Monday, but another volunteer will go instead of her.  At 9PM (end of class) I didn’t receive anything from the girls by email. I called VPV again and found out that Minh went to teach them.  He told me later, that he tried to help them open my video, but didn’t succeed.

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