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Mario Behling: Part 2 March 21, 2010

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This is how Mario described current status of OLPC Vietnam:

“I think we have a good start with the project and we are gaining the experience to make OLPC Vietnam a success. I have added the slides to the website. I am currently focusing on building support for the project. I believe we need to build partnerships with government, companies and educational institutions.

1. Government
I already have good contacts to the government (through the ICT department of Ho Chi Minh City, who was a co-organizer of GNOME.Asia), potentially also to the minister for education and other high level people.

2. Companies
There are a number of companies interested in the OLPC project at GNOME.Asia and Barcamp Saigon. I also met up several times with the CEO of  one of the biggest IT companies. He is very interested to fund some laptops and support a small deployment in his home region in a village in the middle of Vietnam.

3. Educational Institutions
At the moment we need to focus on building a team of local volunteers. I have talked to the University of Cantho and to the University of Technology in HCMC (Saigon). We can set up student groups who could overtake some tasks and learn about translation, training of kids and repairing computers.

A main task is the training of university students. I will start with some workshops. It would be great if we could get some people here who can train students. Any time would be good, but we can also focus around some events, we or others are organizing here:

We are currently also planning to increase public awareness during Barcamp Mekong on May 8 in Cantho ( and FOSSASIA ( from Nov. 12-14, 2010 in the University of Technology in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). Hope to see you and many OLPC folks there. I would love to have a dedicated OLPC track there.”

After several hours of discussion, we decided that our main objective is to get volunteers to come to Vietnam or work from home on various projects: teaching, providing translation, creating content, organizing conferences and many other cool things.

And secondly, we want to start a pilot by creating a list of all XOs in Vietnam. More than that, we want to have a portal for the kids to communicate to each other through… to motivate them to use XOs, have the learning process more interactive and to create neat projects for them to work on…


One Response to “Mario Behling: Part 2”

  1. Let us know if we can help with Laptop Stands, Accessories etc.
    Have to find a cheaper way to ship there,

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