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Update on other projects March 19, 2010

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Since I left, I didn’t have much time to follow what Nancie Severs, Bernie Innocenti and Beth Santos were up to, but eventually looked up their blogs. So right after Nancie got back she was presenting at the OLPC office on Feb 7. Check out her 21 page presentation at   And the official entry about Nancie’s work on OLPC blog site

Since Nancie returned home from Asia, she has been doing on a lot: giving me advice, communicating with other current and prospective volunteers, brainstorming on how to continue to support VVV project from abroad. She learned a lot of technical things from Ian from the Olin Chapter who runs a service/repair center for XOs. I’m going to VVV in in two-week to run updates on 12 XOs that are there and install Vietnamese language packs together with Vietnamese keyboard.

Beth Santos was still actively doing PR and fundraising to buy more XOs for the kids in São Tomé. Her press release is here Beth attended a DC event  and wrote about it From what I know, she is heading to Haiti to work on the massive XO deployment there with led by Tim Falconer. Good luck, Beth!

I was glad to find out that on March 14 Bernie was finally presenting about his Sugar Deployment in Paraguay. I would love to hear his talk and attend other Sunday meetings, but time difference is 12 hours and I just can’t make myself get up at 4 in the morning 😦

As always, Adam had a nice introduction of the guest speaker:

Meet the guy volunteering his life for OLPC/Sugar on 4 different continents, almost 4 years later. Meet retired R&D director, founder, VP, CTO of embedded technologies at Meet Sugar Labs’ lead global sysadmin and Harvard School of Education part-time student. Meet a 21st Century Italian Cowboy, who foolishly misses his Commodore 64… Meet Bernie Innocenti, original promoter of the $200 laptop that makes Microsoft tremble: 

But please first, review Bernie’s beautiful recent 95-page photo-presentation (14.5 MB)
And his “kids need cute customizable software” cultural anthropology:–children-want-sugar-084-for-the-wrong-reasons


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