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Class Twelve: Mathieu Maurice March 12, 2010

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Today I convinced Mathieu to come with me and show Tam Tam Mini and Tam Tam Edit to the girls. Mathieu graduated from college (one year in Marseille and two years in Cannes), where he studied cinema and music making. He is a former actor and now works on shows as a sound engineer. He creates music for TV, does sound design for animated movies and video games. I thought it was a good opportunity for the girls to learn from Mathieu. In advance he studied several music activities for the XO.

When we first came, he explained beats and loops, drew an octave on the blackboard, and where music notes are on the XO keyboard. He showed how to change complexity, length and tempo for the beats and loops, and how to generate new ones.

He made them clap to understand the beats. Then Mathieu showed how to create music by changing instruments,  adding good loops and removing bad ones. Girls tried to play music on their own and it was fun. He also showed his version of Tam Tam Edit and manually wrote music notes, mixed several instruments and recorded what he wrote.

Girls were very curious about him. I asked them to find on the map the city he is from – Marseille. They all did.

I uploaded 4 eBooks for them: Without Family by Hector  Malot, Message in the bottle by Edgar Poe and two books of short stories. I’ll give them more books next time. And when we have  the Internet I’ll show them where to get free eBooks.

They asked when they are going to have Internet and email? I said probably next week, as we (Mathieu and I) are going to buy the router. They already have DSL Internet connection which is only available for the teachers.

Today new volunteer Huy came with us instead of Mia, his English is good and he is going to help us buy the router or new modem for wireless Internet.

At the end we went to talk to the teacher Thanh, she was concerned about the wireless Internet, saying that at school there is a problem with viruses. We said we have better system Linux on the XOs, and it will be good for the girls to upload free eBooks, do lessons when I leave and look for jobs.

Then Ha and I played real piano downstairs, she played Bésame mucho…. which was great…


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