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VPV Chapter Two: Part 1 March 7, 2010

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 After the TET new volunteers came in. The majority of them will stay here for one month, and then we’ll leave around the same time.  New addition: Carrie from Cologne (Germany), Matheu from Marseille (France), Sandy and Raymond from San Fran, CA (US), Shoko from Tokyo (Japan), Janice from Winnipeg (Canada) and Narinda from Melbourne (Australia).  Dave, Lottie and Megan are from UK. They had an orientation and a Vietnamese language lesson on Monday and a city tour on Tuesday. On Wednesday they started volunteering either at the orphanages or the shelters.

From the old crew, we only have Erika and Stina (aka E&S) from Sweden, who live in the Peace house 2 with me. There are James (UK), Dylan and Harry (US) in the Peace House 1. Five of them work at the Ky Quang orphanage. Every day E&S come and tell me stories about the children. Some of the children have nick names: Elephant, Monkey, Carrot, The Bit.., Tiger and others. One day I saw E&S writing every child’s profile (characteristics, behavior patterns, etc.) to be used by next volunteers. It is hard to believe that they entertain Monkey, who is 5 years older than they are!

It is fun to listen to their stories:  The bit.. pretends she runs the place, even though she is one of the kids there. She gives orders to all the children and volunteers. Monkey is somewhat sexually aggressive and hits on the girls. Every day there is something new. One day a gecko was killed (unintentionally) by one of the kids. The other day E&S wore glittery hats, which were a hit as all kids loved them. Since Wednesday there are too many volunteers at the orphanage- there is almost nothing to do. And their favorite kid (a deaf girl) was entertained by another volunteer.  Some kids are hard to feed, but in general they are easy to play with. They invite you to play by pulling your hand. It is so easy to make them happy: you can just go for a walk around the orphanage and their faces are all lit up…

Sometimes E&S complain that they had a difficult day as children were screaming and pulling their hair, even beating them up for apparently no reason. We know that kids want more individual attention, that is why they behave this way. Other days it simply gets too hot…

Stina said that the first time she saw Ky Quang, she wasn’t sure if it was the place for her to work at, but then she became very attached to the children and now enjoys every day she spends with them. E&S are planning to buy cute dresses for all the girls (5) in the orphanage. Their blog is  at

I’m thinking about going with them to visit Ky Quang orphanage one day next week.


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