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Olin Chapter and More: Part 5 March 4, 2010

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Elsa: do you know how you go about getting connected with students in deployments abroad?

Polyachka: maybe we can start with my girls here in Saigon

Polyachka: lets introduce them to each other!

Elsa: sounds like a great idea

Polyachka: how old are your children?

Elsa: they’re 2nd-5th grade

Elsa: about 8-11

Polyachka: mine are older, 15-18, even though they are all in middle school

Elsa: ours are also all boys – completely by accident

Polyachka: but that may still work, as their English language is not that good

Polyachka: so we can try and see what happens

Elsa: definitely

Polyachka: maybe they’ll practice their English with your students and tell them about Vietnam, culture, traditions

Elsa: I don’t think our class time would work, because it’s 3am your time

Polyachka: I spoke to Bernie (from Sugar) and he said that in the future we’ll have an online forum for kids from all over the world to communicate through

Polyachka: almost like Facebook but for OLPC/Sugar

Elsa: sounds good

Polyachka: but it doesn’t have to be at the same time

Elsa: maybe we can have them send emails through us?

Polyachka: we’ll use email in the beginning

Polyachka: 🙂

Elsa: sounds good

Polyachka: sounds great!

Polyachka: that will motivate my girls to use XOs more!

Elsa: so, maybe I’ll have them write letters during class tomorrow?

Polyachka: yes!

Polyachka: and I’ll make my girls to write letter to your kids tomorrow!

Elsa: great

Polyachka: should we write several letters?

Polyachka: individual?

Elsa: I think maybe we’ll start out with just one letter, or compile things that they all say

Polyachka: agree

Elsa: I’ll probably ask them to write a few sentences about themselves and one question, and then put it into one document?

Polyachka: sounds great!

Polyachka: next thing – they send pics to each other and maybe do a project together!

Elsa: yeah, sounds good

Polyachka: ok!

Polyachka: so good talking to you !:)

Elsa: alright, I have to go now

Elsa: it was great to talk to you!

Polyachka: thank you and talk soon!

Elsa: thanks!

Elsa: bye

PS: Calling on all Sugar/XO volunteers, support gang and programming wizards of the world: to make deployments sustainable we need to create portal where all deployments have their profiles and volunteer’s profiles, so that they can communicate with each other. Even if there is no Internet at school, volunteers can help create profiles and make updates when possible!


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