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Olin Chapter and More: Part 4 March 4, 2010

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Polyachka: ok, my turn

Polyachka: i applied for 5 Xos as part of Contributors program and brought them with me to Saigon, Vietnam. So I teach Sugar to 6 girls in a shelter here, my plan is to teach them to be teachers of XO/Sugar

Polyachka: started about 6 weeks ago and will be here for 4 more weeks, then will go to Hanoi, which is in the north and visit another deployment in a floating village in halong Bay

Elsa: nancy?

Polyachka: yes, Nancie

Polyachka: we are trying to establish Vietnam OLPC here

Polyachka: there is also Mario, who is German, but lives here year round, not far from Saigon; he is working with government, media, etc.

Polyachka: there are difficulties because of language and culture barriers

Polyachka: not that easy to organize XO/Sugar community as not many who can afford a $100 laptop and average monthly income is $30

Polyachka: Government involvement is not easy to make happen

Polyachka: so i at least focus on what i can and write about it

Elsa: do you have a webpage?

Polyachka: yes, i have a blog

Polyachka: it is always good to know what other people are doing around the world

Polyachka: because that motivates me to work harder and not give up

Elsa: yeah

Polyachka: even if things get difficult

Elsa: I think we’re going to try to tell our students about one deployment per week

Polyachka: that is a great idea

Elsa: they were pretty excited that people use xo’s all over the world

Polyachka: then maybe they can help some deployments with …

Polyachka: translation, just writing to children in other countries, etc…

Elsa: yeah, we’d like to get them involved with the community

Elsa: we’re not really sure where to start, though

Polyachka: even “adopting” a group of students abroad and help them with activities or repair

Polyachka: this element is missing here


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