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Class Nine March 4, 2010

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Today Thao called in sick so another volunteer Minh came. It was the first time a guy helped me teach the class. We came in and girls started to flirt with him. He is computer savvy so it was very easy for him to understand the XO, and his English is excellent. 

I asked girls what did they do yesterday with no electricity? They said they lit up a candle and were sitting in a circle and singing Happy Birthday even though it was no one’s birthday yesterday. We laughed…

Then I finally showed them how to type in Vietnamese. All characters worked except for “a” with 6 = dấu hỏi (hook above).  We all tried to make it work to no avail.

Interesting to say, that sometimes when girls ask me a question and I don’t know the answer, first I try to find the answer together with them, even though it takes long time. If it doesn’t work, I have the courage to say that I dont’ know, or it doesn’t work and I’ll go home and ask the people who know and will get back to them with the solution.

Then I told them that we are going to write letters to the boys in Boston. They giggled. I instructed them to either write in English to practise their English or in Vietnamese (then I’ll translate their letters). They have to include their picture in the letter too.

With some help they all typed letters in English. I asked them to add their hobby, favorite fruit, favorite XO activity and subject at school. They wanted boys to send them pictures too…

There was no Internet in the building, so instead of emailing letters, my plan B was to copy girl’s letters to the USB drive and bring them home with me. Guess what? It didn’t work, as I had a wierd unreadable flash drive. So then I thought of using Mesh and exchanging our letters via Mesh.  So we did it, even though it got messy because we all had too many activities open at once, and were sharing activities without order.

Then I finally showed them pictures of my parents, my sister and my home town Sochi in Russia. They said that it looks very beautiful especially with nice flowers everywhere in the city center, pretty buildings and sunset over the Black Sea.


4 Responses to “Class Nine”

  1. Good work verhovzeva, thanks for sharing your experiences and interviews.

  2. Clytie Siddall Says:

    Hmm… so the “hook above” accent (dấu hỏi) works fine with all the other vowels, but not with “a”? That is seriously weird. Please confirm, and I’ll query it on the OLPC localization list.

    It’s not a glitch I’ve encountered on other platforms, but Vietnamese is a test case for Unicode support, due to its combined diacritics, and unusual accented characters which span several subsets. Also, while I’m checking: is Vietnamese displaying correctly on the XO? Does the translated software display correctly in Vietnamese, and can you view Vietnamese webpages? Thanks for the feedback. 🙂

    • verhovzeva Says:

      Hi Clytie,
      I checked all letters and there are other letters that do not work:
      1. So the “hook above”=6 doesn’t work at all with any letters, not just letter “a”.
      2. 7 doesn’t work with “e”.
      3. 9 doesn’t work with any letters.
      4. I still can’t type numbers or dollar sign. “=” shows wiered sign not readable in any language.
      Please forward it to the local team. Thanks.

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