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Olin Chapter and More: Part 3 March 3, 2010

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Polyachka: how did you identify schools ?

Elsa: we needed to do something local and so we asked around. This program is being run through an existing after school program in the Needham public schools. They suggested the particular school

Polyachka: great!

Elsa: it’s supposedly their low income school….but we’re in Needham so I don’t think that actually means very much

Polyachka: true

Polyachka: what is robotics stuff?

Elsa: it’s a robot that plugs into turtle art

Elsa: it obeys forward, back, right, left, and arc commands

Polyachka: awesome!

Elsa: yeah, it’s a lot of fun

Polyachka: so you teach that too to children?

Elsa: we haven’t yet

Elsa: we’re hoping to try it in our class

Polyachka: ah, i see

Polyachka: ok, then what is accelerometer USB peripheral?

Elsa: I don’t really know, I wasn’t here at the time. Basically it was an accelerometer that you could plug into the xo and get data from

Polyachka: interesting

Polyachka: so how much of your time does it all take?

Elsa: a couple hours a week

Polyachka: not too bad

Polyachka: why are you doing it? 🙂

Elsa: well, the previous chapter head wanted to make sure the organization continued

Elsa: so she told me to do it

Elsa: and then I did

Polyachka: good

Polyachka: who is she?

Elsa: nikki lee

Elsa: she isn’t really involved anymore, though

Polyachka: and who else is doing it now with you?

Elsa: ian daniher

Elsa: well, he started a repair center business back in high school and is continuing it

Elsa: andrea lai and anrew pethan are teaching

Elsa: yifan sun does some documentation stuff, but she doesn’t really have time for other projects

Elsa: and I think ian has some people that help out with repairs

Polyachka: what do you think your next projects will be?

Polyachka: besides teaching

Elsa: well, it won’t really be up to me, because I’m taking the year off next year

Elsa: we don’t really have the ability to make hardware that will actually get used, at least not at the moment

Elsa: I think continuing the teaching is a good idea

Polyachka: especially teaching to low income kids

Polyachka: great stuff 🙂

Elsa: yeah, well I don’t honestly think they’re benefiting that much, but I hope that the curriculae will be useful to teachers

Elsa: that’s mostly where we’re coming from there


One Response to “Olin Chapter and More: Part 3”

  1. Mel Chua Says:

    Woo! Thanks, Polyachka – keep the interviews coming! It’s great to see these back-stories (I didn’t even know all that stuff about the Olin chapter.)

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