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Olin Chapter and More: Part 2 March 3, 2010

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Polyachka: so how often do you meet?

Elsa: that depends

Elsa: last semester we had weekly meetings

Elsa: this semester we’ve been meeting mostly as project teams

Elsa: that happens at least once a week, but in smaller groups

Elsa: I’m interested in learning more about what you’re doing in vietnam – how did you get started there?

Polyachka: can i ask you a couple more questions, and then tell you more about my project?

Elsa: sure

Polyachka: btw I went to Babson College 🙂

Elsa: o, cool

Elsa: i’m taking a class there now

Polyachka: which classes?

Elsa: just the one. its called environmental and sustainable entrepreneurship

Polyachka: yes, i took entrepreneurial classes there too

Polyachka: so about the Olin chapter, in 4 years, what kind of projects were finished or worked on?

Polyachka: are any of them implemented and used?

Elsa: so, there’s this curriculum we’re teaching this semester. We’re planning on trying to find other schools interested in running it in the future, but that’s currently in progress. Same with the robotics stuff. There’s a pilot school in Cambridge that is interested in both, potentially next semester(since we don’t really have the manpower to do anything with them this semester)

Elsa: there was an accelerometer USB peripheral

Elsa: I don’t think that’s been used

Polyachka: i tried to find info on but couldn’t

Polyachka: as it is all old, no recent updates

Elsa: really?

Polyachka: do you have a current link?

Elsa: I did a lot of updates over winter vacation, just a few weeks ago


Polyachka: ok

Elsa: this is our current project

Polyachka: so who is teaching, you?

Elsa: me and two other students

Polyachka: what kind of curriculum: how to use Xos?

Elsa: no, math and programming

Polyachka: oh, but on XOs, right?

Elsa: yes

Elsa: they only needed about 45 minutes to learn how to use xos

Polyachka: 😉 children nowadays…

Polyachka: know more about computers than many adults


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