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Olin Chapter and More: Part 1 March 3, 2010

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Mel wrote a comment to the post “Cyberspace Good Samaritan: Part 1”: “Thanks for doing these interviews! As Bernie said, it’s important to recognize the doers like Aleksey – we need more of them. Are you planning on interviewing other contributors as well? I think this would make a great series.”

I wrote back: “Hi Mel, Thanks for your feedback and encouragement to continue my interviews. I also interviewed Adam Holt, but still need to work on the material I got (so much of interesting info!) Bernie, Mel and Adam, let me know who else you think I should interview next. That person could be a gangster, Sugar volunteer or someone else.

Mel answered: “Yifan Sun and Elsa Culler, who run the Olin student chapter – they’ve been working tirelessly in the background for over a year now. There are more – lots more – like them. –Mel”

So after several attempts to meet on IRC, we connected with Elsa on Skype:

Polyachka: hi there!

Elsa: hi, nice to meet you

Polyachka: finally!

Polyachka: I don’t know why IRC didn’t work for me

Elsa: it’s tricky like that sometimes

Polyachka: anyways, can you tell me about your chapter?

Polyachka: what is it?

Polyachka: I heard about it, but have no idea what it is

Elsa: the chapter is a group of students that try to do 2-3 XO or OLPC related projects per semester

Polyachka: you are a student too

Polyachka: so you organized it?

Elsa: Last semester, we built a robotics extension for the xo, and this semester we’re primarily running an after school program at a local elementary school

Elsa: Mel started the chapter, but I’m currently in charge of it

Polyachka: how many of you doing it?

Polyachka: all of you are students at Olin?

Elsa: yes

Elsa: right now there’s about 4 people heavily involved and 3-4 others that are less involved

Polyachka: when did you start it?

Elsa: Mel started it before I was at Olin, I think about 4 years ago

Elsa: I’ve only been involved for a year and a half

Polyachka: so what year are you in Olin?

Elsa: I’m a sophomore (2nd year)


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