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Class Eight: Canceled March 3, 2010

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New volunteer Trinh came at 6:30PM. I grabbed two computers and went out to get on the bike. What I saw resembled a bicycle, to be precise it was an electrical bicycle instead of a scooter. I was supposed to sit on the back semi-seat and put my feet on semi-pedals, designed more for a very tiny person than a bigger 5.9ft  person. I doubted she could keep balance with me in the back. Despite my doubts, I got on the back seat to only find out that we were staggering. I was terrified, as I know how dangerous traffic is here.   I always get scared of the traffic on a normal scooter, never mind tiny electrical bicycle.To be honest, I looked ridiculous too. I called Andy, saying that it wouldn’t work out. The bicycle and the girl are too small to transport me to Ba Chieu.

Andy was kind enough to stop eating his dinner and give me a ride to the shelter on his motorcycle. We were going too fast and making sharp turns as if racing other bikes on the road. I thought we were going to smash into someone…

As we reached the shelter, I noticed the shade of Truc standing on the second floor balcony, she waved at me. The gate opened and Huong with Yen (head mistress) came out. They were speaking Vietnamese… Looking at the dark building I understood: they have no electricity, even though other buildings nearby were all lit up. We had to cancel the lesson.  I was disappointed, but then I looked at the balcony again and noticed several hands waving at me. I waved back. They kept doing it with such enthusiasm that I knew they wanted to have our class as badly as I did. They aspire to learn and be good at something. They just need some motivation. I felt that what I’m doing is not for nothing.

We went back fast again. As always when I’m on a motorbike I prayed asking God to forgive my sins, my pride and my vanity. I’m happy to just be alive and keep trying to do what I want to do – make some children happy.


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