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Guest Speaker Preview for Sunday Meetings March 1, 2010

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There was a change in guest speakers for Sunday meeting. Adam wrote:

Feb 28 – Caryl Bigenho has been doing heroic work on her 1st week back from South America, and will summarize these 3 items:

SCaLE 8X, Los Angeles… (in 5 min) how to do an easy 1 hour presentation?  I can preface with mention of the huge response at our booth and the hands-on workshop if you like. (pdf of slideshow available)

Project Ceibal, Uruguay… We met with 2 IT teachers in Montevideo last month and discussed how the project is going and some of the problems they encounter. (photo available)

Buenos Aires, Argentina… Went with Gonzalo Odiard (FotoToon developer) to visit Elementary school No. 20 just outside the city limits of Buenos Aires.  The school has 16 brand new Dell desktops and assorted older PCs. He and his interest group will be working with the school to do a SoaS pilot with the second grade students. (photo available)

Reminder: this is not a public channel, and this is not a public meeting, but all friends are welcome if you introduce (and explain how they might help)


March 7 – Manusheel Gupta calling in from New Delhi, India will present his Sugar Activity development

                        company, on his very own birthday! (12 Noon Eastern Time instead of the usual 4PM)

March 14 – Bernie Innocenti calling in from Paraguay’s maturing deployment (4000 XO’s and counting?)
                          Sugar Labs’ global sysadmin will explain .PY’s status, their University outreach, their Intern/developer

                          needs, and his recent talk.

March 21 – Richard Smith on solar energy options for XO-1 and XO-1.5

                          MIT’s Robert Pilawa on his solar energy PhD work (may co-present with Richard!)
                          Kim Quirk (may co-present with Richard!) on her solar/alt energy startup:

March 28 – XO-1.5 Book Sprint in DC – GET STARTED!

April 4– TENTATIVE: Improving the XO as a Sahana/HADR Platform: Lessons in disaster relief, from the Founder of

           and Naval Postgrad School — how the XO can (and cannot) be further prepared for future

                    Important Background:

All presentations Sunday 4PM Boston/Eastern Time, unless otherwise noted.


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