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Repair Service World February 23, 2010

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   I think that the idea of the Repair Service Center for XO laptops is just brilliant. If you own
   an XO and need to get it fixed that is where you go, pardon, where your XO goes. You can just mail
   (low-cost shipping)your green friend and get it back safe and sound. Who repairs XOs? Volunteers,
   who have good knowledge of the XO and have some time and interest to do it. When I asked Adam about
   pricing, he said that volunteers used to charge $5 per service no matter what kind of repair. But
   he asked them to raise prices for their own good to stay in business. As Adam mentioned, for-profit
   computer repair places will not shake your hand for $5, never mind giving you any spare parts or
   doing labor. The service fee is a little higher now, but still way below market price. Where do
   repair centers get spare parts? Adam provides them, and he also recruits volunteers to be repair 
   You can find the list and map of repair service center locations here

   “Outside of repair centers, many spare parts are also for sale separately at
   and, EG. if you're the kind of person that prefers to fix your own XO Laptop -
   if so you may want to put together your own Repair Center Kit!" 

   One repair center per child! Sent by Adam on Jan 9:

“No, Luke (Mr. Faraone) is not 14 anymore as when he joined Support Gang, and his DC repair center is almost 2yrs old now. But still we (like Mr. R) all need to thank him for working almost single-handedly on the small flood of Give1Get1 repair requests triggered by Nicholas Negroponte’s mass-mailing 8 days ago when so many others were on holiday 🙂

  “Dear Mr Negroponte and Mr. Faraone, I am writing because I want you to know how impressed I am with
  the  service the rc-dcr OLPC service center has provided to me. I first  contacted the center on
  Saturday, January 2nd and described the  problem. I received a very prompt reply with all the
  pertinent information. I mailed my XO from Boston on the following Monday. I  received it back on
  Saturday, January 9th (today). The repair was  completed. Software was upgraded. The XO appears to
  work fine.
  The  initial email communication, email communication during the process of   receipt, repair and
  shipping back, and the turnaround time, were  excellent. The cost was reasonable.  I would rate this
  service a 10  out of 10, a model of good technical repair service.
  Mr. Faraone, thank you. Mr. R, XO User”

  Of course, that doesn’t mean that everything is always smooth and there are no problems in
  repair centers, help is always needed! If you are interested in opening your own repair center,
  please email your phone number to discuss ypur plans. Include a basic outline of
  your repair center proposal repair center proposal, and which business model(s) and/or
  volunteering model(s) you are considering towards sustainability. Be sure to include all the best
  times of the week when you want OLPC to call you back. 
  Great job, Adam and all repair service volunteers!

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