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Cyberspace Good Samaritan: Part 6 February 23, 2010

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<polyachka>  so what do you do in your free time when you don’t work on Sugar?

<alsroot> well, I do what I like, coding .. sugar

<polyachka>  why did you say that Technical contributors are missing contact with teachers/users, because you sometimes miss feedback or don’t know which activities are really useful?

<alsroot> like that, in my case (dunno about others) it could be looks like “great thing in itself”, but at the end it should be used by someone

<alsroot> that’s why I’m thinking about Collab activity

<polyachka>  makes sense, it should be for the children, not just a neat idea

<polyachka>  What are other problems in general in or about Sugar work/environment? What would you improve?

<alsroot> well, knowing these thing is 50% of fixing, so dunno

<polyachka>  but are you frustrated that you don’t get paid for your work?

<alsroot> nope, but will have to think about such things in nearest future

<polyachka>  you mean in the future when you’ll run out of savings?

<alsroot> yup, and have to find a tmp job to earn some money

<polyachka> Do you have a dream about Sugar’s future?

<polyachka> what would you want to happen in the next 5 years?

<alsroot> hard to say, didn’t think about such things

<polyachka> where would you want to work ideally? long term?

<alsroot> at home 🙂

<polyachka>  or would do you do volunteering forever?

<alsroot> I would if have money, then yup

<polyachka> work from home is nice, but don’t you miss people? real contact with humans?

<alsroot> well, did the same all time..

<polyachka> what do you mean?

<alsroot> mean I was all time in what I was doing.. so other things are just out of interest

<polyachka> are you working now as we speak?

<alsroot> at least trying 😉

<polyachka> sorry for interrupting 😉

<alsroot> np

<polyachka> I’m starting XO deployment at a shelter for girls here in Saigon on Wednesday, will tell you how it goes and about children’s favorite activities, so that you’ll get feedback! 🙂

<alsroot> heh, to be honest I’m working now in “core” mode, but any feedback is welcome

<alsroot> btw, there is an ongoing discussion about “Start new vs Resume” issue and people look for feedback

<polyachka> thanks for being patient and answering all my questions! keep up good work!  🙂 I have to go now… Bye and Wish you a good programming year ! 🙂

<alsroot> poka

Dear Aleksey and all volunteers of XO/Sugar community, thank you for all your hard work, it is greatly appreciated by so many adults and children in the world!


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